Chapter 148: There's a Virus in Here

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The documents were too heavy putting a lot of pressure on Ye Xiaoxing's elbows, but then thinking about being able to have fun at the Qi Lin Resort, she looked at the pile in her arms and gritted her teeth in resignation.

"Since there are so many files, I guess I won't be heading out for lunch. Didn't you say you will treat me for lunch?" Even Ye Xiaoxing did not stand on ceremony with Dai Yiran.

Dai Yiran nodded. "What do you want to eat? I'll order some take-out."

"Sushi then, since I can eat while working and it's convenient too," Ye Xiaoxing ordered.

Dai Yiran laughed sarcastically to herself. What? Convenient? Ye Xiaoxing was just taking advantage of her.

She just wanted whatever that was the most expensive.

Nonetheless, she really did not mind this small sum of money. Moreover, Ye Xiaoxing did not have much foresight and she looked exceptionally ugly while eating.

When Lu Man returned from Han Zhuoli's office, she saw Ye Xiaoxing on the computer, working hard. Her desk was piled with the files that were originally on Dai Yiran's desk. Lu Man could not help but laugh a little.

Indeed, one was willing to hit, and the other was willing to get hit.

As expected, when office hours were up, Dai Yiran finished her work on time.

However, in a blink of an eye, it was going to be Thursday tomorrow. They had to submit the proposal on Du Lin's case by tomorrow afternoon latest, yet Dai Yiran still had not done much.

Could it be that Dai Yiran really wanted to compete fairly, and she had misjudged Dai Yiran?

Lu Man eyebrows scrunched up slightly. If Dai Yiran wanted to do anything, today or tomorrow morning was her last chance.


Just like that, in a blink of an eye, it was Thursday.

In the morning, Ye Xiaoxing could not help but look towards Lu Man frequently, while Dai Yiran occasionally looked in her direction slyly.

It was then that Lu Man knew that Dai Yiran was up to no good.

Around noon, Lu Man saw Dai Yiran fidgeting subconsciously and immediately knew that they were planning to execute their plan at noon.

The corner of Lu Man's lips quirked up. She wasn't rushing to leave and was still working on her computer.

However, Dai Yiran and Ye Xiaoxing were both hungry. They wondered, "Exactly when will Lu Man leave?"

What was the point of pretending to be hardworking now!

After almost everyone had left the office, Lu Man closed the encrypted file and switched off her computer.

By the side, Dai Yiran saw her cautious behavior, and huffed obnoxiously.

Did she think that would work?

She will kick Lu Man out of this company today!

Then, Lu Man looked around her desk and checked it, as if there might be something hidden quietly in a corner.

Dai Yiran's heart skipped a little and thought that thankfully she could keep her expression neutral, if not Lu Man might really figure something out.

Yet who knew that Lu Man would actually be that cautious.

Once Lu Man felt that everything was fine, she walked out of the office slowly.

Taking advantage that there was no one around, she went to Han Zhuoli's office.

Ye Xiaoxing was looking about at the entrance of the office. When she saw that Lu Man had gone far ahead, she then walked back, rubbing her empty stomach. "Does she really have that much work to do? She's only been here for a few days, yet she's always the last one to leave for lunch, as if she's really passionate about her job or something. Who's she putting up this show for?"

Dai Yiran snickered a little. Wasn't Ye Xiaoxing the one who gave Lu Man all those work?

Ye Xiaoxing seemed to have realized that and rubbed her stomach, her tone changed. "I'm starving, let's order something quickly."

"We'll eat after we finish our work." Dai Yiran took out a pen drive from her bag and handed it over to Ye Xiaoxing. "Go and insert this into Lu Man's computer CPU."

Seeing it, Ye Xiaoxing's expression changed immediately. "What's this?"

"What are you afraid of? There's a virus in here. Once she switches on her computer, the files in her computer will immediately be sent to mine while her computer will get a virus attack, and everything on it will be deleted." Dai Yiran was smug and pleased with herself. As she thought about how Lu Man's hard work of all these days would dissolve into nothing and how all her work would go down the drain, it made her extremely happy.

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