Chapter 184: You Never Thought Of Marrying Me Before?

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Moreover, he was calling her 'mom' so naturally.

Suddenly, Lu Man realized that this person was actually quite thick-skinned.

"You didn't hear what Jingheng said? Anyone who is added to our group is now one of us. Even before my brothers got married, they had already decided that their current wives were the only ones they wanted to get married to, so they directly added them to the group. Once they have decided on the person, they do not plan on breaking up. I am just like them, since we are going to get married in the future, there is nothing wrong with me calling her mom now."

Lu Man choked, she actually could not find words to refute him.

Why was there a feeling of being forcefully bought and sold by him?

They had just started dating, how did it suddenly come to the topic of marriage?

Han Zhuoli narrowed his eyes, his aura suddenly became dangerous, "Could it be that you don't want to take responsibility?"

Lu Man: "..."

Weren't such words usually spoken by women?

"You seriously never thought of marrying me before?" Han Zhuoli moved closer to her and stared intensely at Lu Man.

"It's not that—" Lu Man pressed her hands against his chest, she had been already trapped between his arms and with her back pressed against the wall she had no way escape. "It's just that I did not think so far."

"Then you can start preparing yourself from now," Han Zhuoli lowered his head again and kissed her lips.

This was different from the peck just now, it was deeper and lasted longer.

Han Zhuoli only let go when Lu Man was out of breath due to his intense long kiss.

"We would definitely get married and there's nothing to consider about it. It's already fixed," Han Zhuoli said with a domineering tone, deciding their future just like that.

Lu Man was shocked by his words and when Han Zhouli saw the rare silly look on her face, he found it adorable.

"Go in," Han Zhuoli let go of Lu Man, "I'll come back over tomorrow."

"Okay," Lu Man replied cutely and saw that Han Zhouli stood still, not leaving at all.

Looking at him strangely, she saw Han Zhuoli point at his own lips and asked shamelessly, "Where's my kiss?"

Lu Man: "..."

Did they not kiss just now?

Yet Han Zhuoli said, "It's different, I'm going to leave now, so aren't you going to kiss me goodbye?"

Lu Man had no choice but tip-toe and quickly land a kiss on his lips, "Take care on your way home."

Upon seeing Han Zhouli leave, instead of going to the hospital room Lu Man stood in front of the window in the hallway. After some time, through the window, she saw Han Zhouli's walking away from the hospital.

Suddenly Han Zhouli stopped in his track and turned around to face the window Lu Man was looking from.

At that moment, Lu Man's heart skipped a beat. Just now, Han Zhuoli's back was facing the window, but he suddenly turned around as if he somehow knew that she was watching him.

The two of them looked at each other from afar, and the moment their gaze met each other's, something exploded in their heart.

Lu Man covered her heart, feeling that her heart was beating too rapidly and that it was she might suffer from a heart attack.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli smiled, waving goodbye to her.

Lu Man could not help but smile and wave back at him as she stood by the window.

She kept looking through the window until she could no longer see Han Zhouli and only then did Lu Man return the hospital room.

But who'd know that as soon as she opened the door, she would almost knock into Xia Qingwei!

"Mom, why are you standing in the hallway?" Lu Man patted her chest, she was shocked and scared as even the lights were switched off.

Upon seeing her standing still in the dark hallway, anyone would have been scared to death.

"I saw everything." Xia Qingwei smiled ambiguously at Lu Man.

"What... What did you see?" In the dark hallway, Lu Man's face blushed uncontrollably.

"I only saw you and Xiao Han hugging each other, I didn't see anything else," Xia Qingwei switched the lights on. "You weren't back yet, so I was worried and I have been waiting all along for you and unexpectedly got a surprise."

When the hospital room's lights were on, the blush on Lu Man's face was clearly visible.

Xia Qingwei pulled Lu Man's hand and went to the bedside, "You don't need to be embarrassed, you opening up your heart has made me extremely happy."

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