Chapter 197: Let Me Consider It

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Han Dongping laughed dryly. "I always thought that you had high expectations, yet surprisingly you still fell for such an ordinary woman."

"That's still better than Dai Yiran. Dai Yiran was completely defeated by that ordinary woman, so she can't even be considered ordinary." Shen Nuo spat in the eyes of Han Dongping. "What a lousy taste you have."

Han Dongping calmed his nerves. He would not stoop to that woman's level!

"Mom," Han Zhuoli looked at her gleefully.

But Shen Nuo replied harshly, "There's no need for you to be happy. I didn't say that I have accepted Lu Man. I will still remain reserved regarding my opinion of her."

Han Zhuoli did not expect that Old Mrs. Han and Shen Nuo would not be pleased with Lu Man.

However, he wasn't worried about his family members doing anything to Lu Man behind his back.

Both Old Mr. Han and Han Xijin were open-minded, they wouldn't place their attention on such a small matter.

As for Old Mrs. Han and Shen Nuo, their personalities were honest and upright, even if they were dissatisfied, they also wouldn't play any cheap tricks in the dark.

"You may not be satisfied with her right now, but that's only because you haven't met her and you don't understand her." Han Zhuoli picked up two cups of tea, passing one of them to Old Mrs. Han and the other to Shen Nuo. "Honestly, sometimes she can be a little dumb too."

"I don't care." Old Mrs. Han accepted the tea. "Anyway, you aren't allowed to bring her back."

"Grandma, look at you, when I didn't have a girlfriend, you kept chasing me and refused to let me into the mansion. Now that I finally have a girlfriend and proudly told you about her, you are displeased." Han Zhuoli stood up. "Anyway, I've already decided on Lu Man. If you don't let her visit, then I won't come over too. Whenever you allow her to come, I'll bring her along and visit together."

"You brat! How could you speak to Old Mrs. Han like that!" Han Xijin reprimanded.

"I have decided on Lu Man. I'm not young either, all of you should believe in my taste and judgment. Grandma, if you knew about the difficulties Lu Man has gone through, you wouldn't blame her for being crafty. She had to deal with her own biological father, step-mother and step-sister framing her and she also had to rely on herself to care for her mother's illness. She has a heavy burden on her shoulders, it's very difficult for her." Han Zhuoli's face was serious. "I think that it's not wrong to be scheming. Even though my mother has a straightforward personality, she is not innocent and gullible."

"She used her schemes to save people, and not to harm others. To be honest, Grandma, are you really not crafty in any way at all? If not, how could you have managed to avoid being harmed and plotted against by others over and over again? As long as you don't harm others, that wouldn't really be considered as being scheming, but rather, it's wit. She is a smart person, she wouldn't drag me down when other people are trying to plot against me. If I were to be with someone who knew nothing and was very innocent, then wouldn't it be the same as being with an idi*t?" Han Zhuoli pursed his lips, showing his disapproval towards people like that.

Old Mrs. Han, "..."

Shen Nuo, "..."

Her son wasn't talking about her, right?

She thought she was rather smart, actually.

Old Mrs. Han pursed her lips. "It couldn't be that because of her sad and pitiful past, you like her out of sympathy?"

"Grandma, you are belittling me too much. In this world, there are plenty of people who deserve pity and sympathy, could I possibly like each one of them? I can tell when it's sympathy," Han Zhuoli displayed a hurt look to Old Mrs. Han.

Old Mrs. Han's heart immediately ached. "Fine, fine, fine, I've misunderstood you."

"Then, Lu Man..." Han Zhuoli reminded.

"Let me consider it." Old Mrs. Han finally opened up a little. "I'm just considering, don't try to ask for more!"

"You still have to give her a chance to get to know you. You have to meet her in person to confirm that she's good, no?" Han Zhuoli asked, grinning cheerfully.

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