Chapter 59: She Must Say Thank You to Han Zhuoli

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"Both of you should drink some water." Lu Man gave a cup of water to each of them. "It's must have been hard on both of you, staying here all the time to ensure that everything is okay, and even if you wanted to drink water or use the washroom, you couldn't easily leave your spot."

The two of them were indeed thirsty and hence did not reject her. Taking the water offered they gulped it down quickly.

Lu Man wanted to get more water for them, but they stopped her saying that one cup was already enough for them.

"May I ask, what's the reason that why Young Master Han is doing this?" Lu Man asked.

Zhou Cheng shook his head. "We don't know either, Young Master Han told us to stay behind and make sure everything is okay, so we stayed behind to guard you and your mother, we can't ask anything else concerning this."

"Alright." Lu Man sucked in her lips. "I won't act tough and say that I don't need your help. Just like today, if you two not here, I probably could not have dealt with the problem, so I will still have to trouble you to guard this place in the future."

"Of course, it's no trouble," Zhou Cheng smiled, feeling that his burden was finally lifted, "I was even scared that after you found out about our existence, you would no longer let us stay here."

"I'm not that oblivious, I'm very clear of my current situation," Lu Man said, "Now the two of you don't need to hide anymore, so why don't you come into the hospital room."

"No need, no need," Zhou Cheng rejected Lu Man's offer. "The hospital room isn't big, if we go in, it'll be too crowded and it's also inconvenient. We'll just sit here, if anyone comes, we can instantly see."

No matter what Lu Man said, they both refused to go in, thus Lu Man could only let it be.

She returned to the hospital room, and upon seeing her enter Xia Qingwei immediately asked, "Who are the two young men outside?"

"It's my friend's people, he was worried that my dad would come and cause trouble, so he left two of his people behind to guard the place." Lu Man could only categorize Han Zhuoli as her friend.

"Is it the friend from yesterday?" Auntie Chai asked, interested.

Lu Man could only nod. "Yeah."

Xia Qingwei curiously asked Auntie Chai, "Older sister Chai, you've seen him before?"

"Of course," Auntie Chai gave a big smile and said, "He's tall and handsome, and he also seems noble and dignified. His face is extremely good looking. In my opinion, among all the male celebrities of today, there's no one that can compare to him. He had even rushed forward to pay for your surgery fees.

Lu Man did not think that Auntie Chai's mouth would be so fast, and it left her completely helpless.

"My surgery fee isn't a small sum, Man Man 1 , what kind of friend is he that he was able to help you pay such a large amount all at once. Does he always bring that much money around?" Xia Qingwei felt it was a bit unrealistic.

However, Lu Man did not know how to explain that to her and saw that Auntie Chai, who was at the side, was listening intently.

Lu Man's heart sunk, Auntie Chai was a good person, but she had loose lips and loved to gossip.

"We met at my job and we have worked together before. He just happened to see me and helped me out since he trusted my morals."

Xia Qingwei believed what Lu Man said, she too believed in her daughter's morals.

"Have you returned the money yet?" Xia Qingwei was still thinking about it, she did not feel at ease owing someone so much money.

"Not yet," Lu Man said, "My card is at home and I haven't returned home these past few days."

Hearing that, Xia Qingwei quickly urged her, "Then you should quickly go home to get the card and return the money to your friend. To keep owing someone so much money, I just don't feel at ease, and I also feel embarrassed."

Originally, Lu Man was thinking of waiting for Xia Qingwei to get better before returning home.

Yet after finding out today that Han Zhuoli left people here to protect this place, no matter what, she had to thank Han Zhuoli.

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