Chapter 100: Her Relationship With Assistant Zheng is Also Good?

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"What did I say wrong? You can ask anyone in the company, who hasn't graduated from a good university? It's only her who hasn't even graduated from university! Before she came, our department had such a good relationship, but she just came for a day and look at our current state, we've already started arguing so much!" Xia Mengxuan gritted her teeth, Lu Man was an evil person!

Chen Shimian was so angry he laughed, "Has Lu Man said anything yet? It's just that you keep insulting people, and I can't stand watching you do that anymore and it has nothing to do with her.

"Alright, both of you just stop arguing," Older Brother Zhang's face darkened as he got angry, "For this situation, it's us in the wrong. We don't understand Lu Man, and so being too wary is not a problem. We can first stay away from her, and observe her for a few days, to understand her character. However, anyhow speaking about her without any evidence is also not correct. Alright, from now onwards, without evidence, all of you should not talk about her like that again."

Chen Shimian looked at Xia Mengxuan mockingly as he returned to his seat.

Xia Mengxuan sat on her seat, tears dripping out of her eyes, feeling wronged. However, Chen Shimian did not bother with her even though he saw it, who was she acting for?

Lu Man just came for one day and she was already ostracized to this extent, but her expression did not even change once.

Whereas, Xia Mengxuan who was talking badly about others deserved to be scolded and even started crying.

Seeing her cry pitifully, Zhao Yiling and Older Sister Li both went to comfort her.

In Wu Lize's office, having learned from the previous time, he immediately pulled down the blinds.

Thus, he did not see the argument happening outside.

"I only tried to hand in a request, I didn't think that the CEO would actually agree," Wu Lize told Lu Man the good news.

He had heard quite a lot about Lu Man from Auntie Chai and Wu Zhiguo and knew that Lu Man was in desperate need of money and if they could skip the trial period, it would definitely be a lifesaver for Lu Man.

Although Lu Man knew that the main person behind this was Han Zhuoli, she was very grateful that Wu Lize had such a good heart.

"Go quickly and perform well," Wu Lize smiled.

"Thank you, I won't let your appeal go to waste," By the time Lu Man left Wu Lize's office, the argument outside was already over.

Yet the atmosphere in the office was very tense, but Lu Man did not bother about it, as anyway, it had been like that ever since she came.

Upon reaching the top floor, Lu Man saw Zheng Tianming waiting for her.

"Miss Lu, you're finally here. The CEO is having a meeting right now, you can wait for him in the office first," Zheng Tianming was also in a rush to go to the meeting room as he had to take down notes, and was supposed to go over quickly after taking Lu Man to the place where she was to wait for Han Zhouli.

"Then I'll wait until after the meeting is over and come again later," Lu Man said.

"There's no fixed time for the meeting to be over, and after the meeting is over, do you want to make the CEO wait?" Zheng Tianming said as he opened the door to Han Zhuoli's office, "The CEO's schedule is quite tight, and after the meeting is over, I'll come over to tell you, so you better just stay here and wait."

Thus, Lu Man could only agree. Zheng Tianming finally relaxed after seeing her go in and sit down, "I'll have the secretary bring you some food and drinks, if you have anything you need please call the secretarial department people, there's no need to stand on ceremony."

After saying that, Zheng Tianming went to give instructions to those in the secretarial department and then quickly went to the meeting room.

Only then did Ye Xiaoxing sneakily return to the secretarial department, and asked Ye Xuanxuan, "Older sister, is Lu Man here?"

"Yes, she just entered the CEO's office," Ye Xuanxuan frowned, "What's going on with that Lu Man? She has a good relationship with Manager Wu, and her relationship with Assistant Zheng is also good? When the CEO is not in his office, Assistant Zhang usually refuses to let people wait inside."

"Who knows what foxy method she used," Ye Xiaoxing pursed her lips, "Anyway Assistant Zheng isn't here and told you to receive her well, you have to help me entertain her very well ."

"Don't worry," Ye Xuanxuan rushed her to go back, "You should go back quickly as well, you've been here for such a long time, if Assistant Zheng catches you, you'll be in trouble."

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