Chapter 105: My Dad Does Not Know You Either

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Obviously, that was what Dai Yiran thought too, she believed firmly that Han Zhuoli's cold face was definitely not directed at her.

"Big Brother Han!" Dai Yiran smiled widely, sweetly calling him, before going forward to welcome him.

As Han Zhuoli walked over with his cold face., Dai Yiran assumed that Han Zhuoli was responding to her, and was even more proud, reaching out her hand, wanting to grab Han Zhuoli's arm.

Yet who knew Han Zhuoli did not stop, and directly walked to Lu Man's side, causing Dai Yiran to grab onto nothing, and her pair of hands were still left hanging in the air, causing her to feel very awkward.

Ye Xuanxuan was dumbfounded.

What was going on?

Didn't Dai Yiran know Han Zhuoli?

She kept calling him Big Brother Han, and upon hearing it, it was obvious that their relationship was not average!

Yet why did Han Zhuoli not even acknowledge her?

Then could Dai Yiran still be relied on? All these thoughts flooded her mind, leaving Ye Xuanxuan perplexed.

"This is the company, not a market, if you want to shout abuses in the street, you can go out and do so!" Han Zhuoli told Ye Xuanxuan coldly.

This was obviously a fiercely directed attack at her making, Ye Xuanxuan tremble with fear., Although she tried explaining, she kept stuttering with fright, "C... CEO, it's Lu Man's first day at work and she doesn't know the rules, when you are not in your office, you never let anyone go in. However, Lu Man not only entered your office but she also randomly started touching your things. When Miss Dai saw it, she asked her to leave, but she refused to listen and was kept acting shamelessly. I... I couldn't let her ruin the company's image, so I..."

Lu Man was so angry that she started to find it funny.

Who was the one who shamelessly stayed in the office and refused to come out?

Who was the one randomly touching things in the office?

Suddenly Han Zhuoli gave Zheng Tianming a look that could kill, and Zheng Tianming broke out in a sweat, scolding Ye Xuanxuan in his heart till she was half dead, "I told you just now, it was the CEO who let Lu Man wait for him in the office, how did it become that Lu Man went in herself?"

Ye Xuanxuan was an idi*t, she did not even think, if it was really Lu Man who went in herself, and it was not Han Zhuoli's idea. Then the one who had brought Lu Man in, Zheng Tianming could not escape responsibility, and it would be weird if Zheng Tianming did not go after her.

"CEO, I really did tell them clearly, and even gave orders to prepare drinks and food for Lu Man," Zheng Tianming had really told them.

However, it was just that Ye Xuanxuan did not take it to heart.

When Han Zhuoli's gaze landed on the inside of the office, he saw that the coffee table only had half a cup of water, "The secretarial office only pours a cup of water when welcoming guests?"

Listening to Han Zhouli, Ye Xuanxuan's heart leaped up instantly.

"I went to take the water myself," It was only at this precise moment that Lu Man opened her mouth, she had been quiet all along.

Hearing her, Ye Xuanxuan's heart fell back down again, she felt that it was surprisingly nice of Lu Man to help her out of this situation.

Yet right after that, she heard Lu Man say, "I had been sitting in the office for very long but no one came in with anything to drink, and I was very thirsty, so I went to find Secretary Ye. However, Secretary Ye was busy filing her nails at that time, and could not deal with me, so I went to get water myself."

Han Zhuoli got even furious upon hearing the treatment Lu Man received by his employees.

Instantly Zheng Tianming's cold sweat actually starting dripping down, how was he to know that Ye Xuanxuan was so unreliable, wasn't that a trap for him?

If Ye Xuanxuan did not wish to work anymore, she could entrap herself, why was she getting other people into trouble too!

"Big Brother Han, stop blaming Secretary Ye, she also has her own job to do," Dai Yiran walked over, pushing away Lu Man to stand by Han Zhuoli's side.

"Who are you?" Han Zhuoli frowned and asked.


Could it be that she kept calling him Big Brother Han, but Han Zhuoli did not even know who she was?

Lu Man could not stop her laughter.

Suddenly Dai Yiran's whole face became green, and she glared fiercely at Lu Man.

She was doing this on purpose! She believed and cursed her in her mind.

"Big Brother Han, you... how could you not remember me!" Dai Yiran refused to believe it.

She was so good looking, how could Han Zhuoli not remember her?

"I followed Uncle Han to the Old Madam Han's house to eat before," Dai Yiran said.

She had always been proud of this, after all, not everyone could go to the Han family's Old House.

Yet who knew, Han Zhuoli's would scrunch up his eyebrows even more, "My Dad also doesn't know you."

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