Chapter 117: The More She Thought About It

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"Even if the plan is not fixed, you will still be the winner in the end," Han Zhuoli said, hiding his smile.

Lu Man froze.

What did he mean by that?

It couldn't be that... he would — as she had understood it — brazenly help her to cheat?

Lu Man shook her head furiously. No, definitely not. Who was she to even get Han Zhuoli to help her?

She was self-aware and knew that she had nothing valuable for Han Zhouli to help her this much.

Yet, at the next moment, Han Zhuoli said, "Anyway, no matter what, I will always choose you."

Suddenly, Lu Man's brain exploded spectacularly. Her lips were trembling, his words continuously repeating in her mind.

Yet, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that Han Zhuoli's words were laden with meaning.

The way he spoke sounded like... like he would prefer her over anyone else.

That no matter what happened, the person he would choose would always be her.

With those words, the memories of that afternoon which Lu Man had intentionally forgotten all surfaced in her mind once again.

What exactly did Han Zhuoli mean!

Lu Man dared not to ask. Moreover, Han Zhuoli's words were only just a little ambiguous, and he did not state anything clearly.

If she were to raise it up, it would only be her own wishful thinking.

Besides, their relationship had also changed.

Although Han Zhuoli kept stressing that they were friends, in reality, she was now working at Han Corporation, in Han Zhuoli's company. She was Han Zhuoli's subordinate.

If she were to overstep any boundaries, it would be as if she was seducing her boss.

Frustrated, Lu Man scratched her head vigorously. She turned around and faced the corner of the wall and wanted to scratch the wall out of frustration too.

In the end, she heard Han Zhuoli say, "After work you're going to the hospital, right?"

"Yeah." Lu Man wasn't thinking and responded subconsciously. "I'm going to spend some time with my mom."

"I'll send you there after work," Han Zhuoli said decisively, his tone firm and insistent.

Lu Man: "..."

"I can head there on my own." Right after Lu Man spoke, there was only silence from the other end of the line. The silence was suffocating. It made Lu Man feel that what she had said was as if she was unappreciative of his help.

"Lu Man," Han Zhuoli said, his voice exceptionally serious. "I've always said, we are friends."

Lu Man bit her lips, not sure of how to reply to him.

"It's just that I'm free tonight too, so I want to visit Auntie." Han Zhuoli said, "It's settled then."

Lu Man: "..."

What else could she say?

Zheng Tianming's voice came from the other end of the line. "President."

They seemed to have some work affairs to discuss. Han Zhuoli quickly bade her goodbye and hung up the phone.

Ultimately, Lu Man did not have the chance to refuse.

She looked at her phone and let out a deep breath before returning to the office.

However, as Lu Man reached the office door, she saw Ye Xiaoxing hovering about her office desk, looking around for something. The others pretended to be blind too.

Then, Ye Xiaoxing leaned forward to touch her computer mouse.

Seeing that, Lu Man's eyes widened and she quickly walked into the office.

She suddenly heard Xia Mengxuan cough loudly. Ye Xiaoxing stood up in a dash as if someone stepped on her foot. When Ye Xiaoxing saw Lu Man walking over, she looked embarrassed as if caught red-handed committing a crime.

Then, she pretentiously humphed coldly, turned around, and pridefully sauntered back to her seat.

However, Lu Man did not say anything. She just sat down, opened the file and encrypted it.

Suddenly, she turned around and caught Dai Yiran red-handed, stretching her neck to look at her computer screen.

It was as if by doing so she could see the contents in her folder and the password.

Lu Man openly smirked at Dai Yiran.

Just now, Dai Yiran was so confident and said that she completely did not care about Lu Man. Well then, don't try to sneak a look at her plan.

Dai Yiran's eyes looked like they were just burnt and she quickly looked away.

Yet, her sheepish look while trying to cover up was even more ridiculous.

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