Chapter 189: I Think That My Skills Can Still Be Saved Somehow

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"Am I not washing them correctly?" Han Zhuoli felt Lu Man's gaze on him and turned his head around to ask.

With the corner of his lips curled up into a smile, it was like a hook, hooking onto Lu Man's heart.

Lu Man mumbled inwardly to herself, "D*mn, this man is going to be the death of me."

Lu Man took in a breath and retracted her rather piercing gaze. "Nope, you're doing pretty well."

She silently chided herself that she was being extremely embarrassing. He was already her boyfriend. They meet every day, yet she was still smitten by his manly charms.

Han Zhuoli looked at her and upon understanding her thoughts, the smile at the corner of his lips widened. "Look at the way I'm washing them, I'm pretty good. If there's anything that I'm doing wrong, then just say so."

Lu Man blushed as she mumbled to herself. She then completely retracted her gaze and did not look at him anymore.

"Is this alright?" Han Zhuoli suddenly placed the washed vegetables right before her eyes.

Be it a coincidence or not, his defined and slender fingers were on display right before her and at the best angle too.

Lu Man: "..."

Did he find out that she really liked to look at his hand?

This man was absolutely too cunning.

"You found out, right?" Lu Man turned away, the corner of her eye twitching slightly.

"What?" Confusion was written all over Han Zhuoli's face. If his hand had not twitched for a while, Lu Man nearly would have believed him.

"Haha," Lu Man giggled and took the washed vegetables from him.

Who knew that Han Zhuoli would suddenly grab onto her wrist. "Which other parts of my body do you like? Tell me, I'll let you look at it too."

Lu Man: "..."

"Your face and hands will be enough for me to look at for quite a long while." Lu Man grinned evilly, "As for other places, we'll talk about them in the future."

"I have well-defined abs too. Take a look if you don't believe me." After speaking, Han Zhuoli was about to lift his shirt up.

"..." Lu Man hurriedly stopped him. "I know, I know. You should still retain some sense of mystery. Come at me little by little, okay?"

Han Zhuoli was extremely disappointed. "You really aren't going to look?"

"Mom is still waiting for lunch." Lu Man patted his abs. "Yeah, they are quite hard."

Lu Man did not use much strength, so it felt like her hand was caressed his abs, making Han Zhouli feel warm all over.

Grabbing onto Lu Man's wrist, he pulled her into his embrace.

At the same time, he took a step forward and pressed her against the kitchen counter. "Then, anytime you want to look at it, remember to tell me."

His breath caressed Lu Man's face, making her face warm beyond belief.

She quietly muttered "yeah". Han Zhuoli saw her face was blushing and blooming like a cherry blossom and kissed her intensely, unable to hold himself back.

After a long time, he finally let Lu Man go. Lu Man's breath was unsteady because of his kiss and the pink blush on her face was now an even darker shade.

"Mom... Mom is still waiting," Lu Man supported herself by holding onto Han Zhuoli's shoulders and spoke very softly.

"I couldn't hold back. Who told you to be so enticing," Han Zhuoli wrapped his hands around her waist and lowered his head again to give her a peck on the lips.

Flustered, Lu Man groped around the table and randomly picked up a potato, stuffing it into Han Zhuoli's mouth. "Cut... cut them into strips."

After Han Zhuoli finished washing all the vegetables, Lu Man found out that he completely did not even know how to cut vegetables. Although he was shredding the potatoes, he could only shred them into thick strips.

"Alright, head out," Lu Man pushed him out.

Yet, Han Zhuoli stayed silent for a moment. "I think that my skills can still be saved somehow."

"Stop fooling around, just leave quickly!" Lu Man was determined to not let him stay there anymore.

How was he even helping? He was just dragging her down.

Eventually, Han Zhuoli was pushed out of the kitchen by Lu Man.

After Lu Man placed all the finished dishes on the table, Han Zhuoli saw that none of the dishes on the table were ever in Lu Man's lunchboxes in the past.

"I heard that back when Auntie was still hospitalized, you prepared lunch for Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui every time you prepared lunch for Auntie," Han Zhuoli looked at the dishes and suddenly said humorously.

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