Chapter 141: At That Moment, Only Lu Man and Han Zhuoli Were Inside

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Just now when Han Zhuoli said that he was discussing things with him in the Artist Department, Manager Hao found it weird, what did they discuss?

However, Han Zhuoli was the big boss, so whatever he said was right.

Han Zhuoli agreed totally. "It's good that you have this kind of self-awareness, so in the future you can stop calling me Big Brother Han, no matter how intimately you call me, I still don't know you."

Dai Yiran: "..."

Dai Yiran whole face was contorted, Han Zhuoli had said that yesterday, and now he was saying it again today.

And it was right after she had mocked Lu Man.

"Next time, after work, don't linger around in the company," Han Zhuoli was impatient.

Dai Yiran widened her mouth in disbelief. "Big, CEO, what I said just now, did you not hear? She seduced her superior, and ruined the fair competition rules."

"Which superior was seduced by her?" Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrow and asked.

Lu Man felt that when Han Zhuoli asked that question, he had straightened his back a bit.

It could not be that he wanted Dai Yiran to say him, right?

Dai Yiran's face turned red, of course, she did not dare to say Han Zhuoli, but she also did not dare to say Wu Lize.

Arousing people's suspicion was one thing, but for it to come out from her mouth; that was not good at all.

"It's just Lu Man's own wishes, she did not manage to," Dai Yiran said grudgingly.

"If you have evidence, then hand it up, the company will not let people who do such things get away. If there is no evidence, and it is just pure assumptions, the company also does not tolerate these kinds of actions," Han Zhuoli stared at Dai Yiran seriously.

This was the first time ever since Dai Yiran entered the company that Han Zhuoli had met her eyes, but Dai Yiran did not want this kind of gaze on her at all.

"Do you have evidence?" Han Zhuoli asked sternly.

"I... I..." Dai Yiran stuttered in fright, her whole palm was full of sweat, her heart pumping wildly under the kind of stress Han Zhuoli was giving her.

She had witnesses, and that was Ye Xuanxuan.

But Dai Yiran was not dumb, besides the fact that Ye Xuanxuan was not there, even if she was present there when the case would be brought in front of Han Zhuoli, Ye Xuanxuan would definitely not have the guts to admit this.

"I'll find evidence." In the end, Dai Yiran could only say this sentence, which was not at all trustworthy.

Manager Hao spurted in his heart, shaking his head, thinking in his heart that Wu Lize was unlucky to have a person like Dai Yiran come to his Public Relations Department.

In the future, it was likely that the Public Relations Department did not have a day of peace.

Dai Yiran had been totally embarrassed by Han Zhouli and did not want to stay anymore. and if it was just Han Zhouli present there, no matter what she would have stuck to him and bothered him as anyway Lu Man needed to stay behind to work overtime.

However, behind Han Zhuoli there was Manager Hao, hence Dai Yiran left, with an ugly expression on her face.

She had barely walked a few steps out of the Public Relations Department when she saw Ye Xuanxuan hiding near the washroom not far from the Public Relations Department, and her two hands were holding the door, extending her head towards this side.

"Ye Xuanxuan!" Dai Yiran was furious upon seeing her hiding there and called her while gritting her teeth in anger.

As Ye Xuanxuan had heard the whole conversation in the office just now, she was scared upon hearing Dai Yiran call her, fearing that she would be dragged by Dai Yiran to be a witness.

Instantly Ye Xuanxuan's facial expressions changed, and she turned her head around and ran away.

However, Dai Yiran was so angry and anxious that she chased after her. "Don't run, come with me to explain everything clearly to Big Brother Han!"

When Ye Xuanxuan heard that, she ran even faster.

In the end, Dai Yiran could not catch up to her and was full of hatred towards Ye Xuanxuan.


Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli looked dismissively at Manager Hao. "There's nothing else for you to do, you can end work now."

"..." Manager Hao was very clever, his eyes sliding over Lu Man's face. "Alright, alright, I'll leave now."

As soon as Manager Hao left, the office completely quietened down.

The large open office was very wide and had a lot of space, but at that moment, only Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were inside and there was a pin drop silence in the room.

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