Chapter 124: Xia Qingwei's Expression Changed

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Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui had been around in the hospital for such a long time that they had already gotten close to Xia Qingwei.

"Master Han!" Earlier the three of them were originally chatting happily. Upon seeing both Han Zhouli and Lu Man, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui quickly greeted them. "Lu Man."

When Xia Qingwei heard that, she looked over. As she had found out from Lu Man about Han Zhuoli's true identity the last time, she was really surprised this time.

"Auntie," Han Zhuoli walked over and called, smiling.

"Master Han." Knowing about Han Zhuoli's identity and that Lu Man was even working at Han Media Company, Xia Qingwei did not dare to call him Xiao Han so easily anymore.

Meanwhile, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui left silently, leaving the room to the three of them.

Han Zhuoli placed the bags aside and said, "Auntie, just call my Xiao Han. There's no need to be so polite."

Xia Qingwei looked at Lu Man. Now that Lu Man was working under him in his company, she definitely dare not address him however she wanted.

Lu Man felt resigned too. "Before I entered Han Corporation, Mr Han and I were indeed... friends."

Being stared at by Han Zhuoli like that, Lu Man had to bite the bullet and say that.

"Mr Han also looked well after me today on my first day of work at Han Corporation."

"In that case, I won't stand on ceremony with you either then. Take a seat, quickly, Xiao Han. Have you two eaten?" Xia Qingwei asked with a smile on her face.

"Not yet." Han Zhuoli saw Lu Man moving a chair over and stood up, giving up his seat. "You sit instead."

Before Lu Man could say anything, he had almost moved a chair over on his own. "I'll move it on my own, don't move."

It was so awkward.

Even Xia Qingwei's expression changed. She looked at Han Zhuoli and Lu Man interestingly, judging them.

Xia Qingwei could see that Lu Man looked a little down and sighed mentally.

She knew what was troubling this child.

It would be the best if Lu Man could meet someone who could open up Lu Man's heart.

Yet, at the same time, Xia Qingwei was very conflicted too. Han Zhuoli's status was way too high up, she was worried that they could not compare to him.

Even Lu Qiyuan abandoned his wife and daughter once he had a little taste of success. For someone like Han Zhuoli, if he were to do anything, it would be impossible for her to support or help Lu Man in any way.

However, Han Zhuoli did not seem like that much of a b*stard like Lu Qiyuan. Nonetheless, she was still afraid — once bitten, twice shy.

At first, there was Lu Qiyuan. Then, there was He Zhengbai.

Xia Qingwei had just started worrying but her train of thought was interrupted by Lu Man and she stopped worrying.

"Mom, have you eaten?" Lu Man asked.

"I have. Xiao Zhou and Xiao Xu ordered a meal. It's healthy and prepared according to nutritional needs. It's so much better than the food from the hospital canteen," Xia Qingwei said, smiling.

Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui were guarding at the door. They both thought, "How could it not be delicious?"

That was because Han Zhuoli had ordered Sheng Yue 1 to prepare those meals.

Of course, food from the hospital's canteen could never compare to a meal prepared by a five-star hotel.

Moreover, since it was personally ordered by Han Zhuoli to have it prepared for Xia Qingwei, the head chef had prepared the meal himself.

"You two haven't eaten yet, right? Hurry, go eat something. You don't have to be with me here, we can chat after you eat," Xia Qingwei looked at the time and urged them hurriedly.

Because of the peak hour, the traffic jam along the way was extremely bad. When Han Zhuoli and Lu Man reached the hospital, it was already 7.20 p.m.

"You child, why didn't you eat before coming?" Xia Qingwei complained. "I'm much better now and I'm just waiting to be discharged. There's no rush to visit me. Besides, it's one thing to let yourself go hungry, but how could you let Xiao Han starve with you too?"

"It's alright, Zhou Cheng has already gone to order a meal. It will be here soon," Han Zhuoli said. "We were just afraid that if we came after we ate, it'll be too late."

"There will be no such thing next time, alright? I'm much better now and I can do anything on my own now. The doctor just wants me to be hospitalized for a while longer just to monitor my condition and confirm some stuff, that's all," Xia Qingwei said smilingly.

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