Chapter 163: Your Heart Will Be Kept Here with Me, You Can't Take It Back.

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Han Zhuoli's tried steadying his tone, but the surprise in his voice could not be concealed.

"If I don't like you, why would I agree to be your girlfriend?" Lu Man said as she kissed him on the lips.

Han Zhuoli held her back tightly, refusing to let her move away and sucked hard on her lips. "Now that you have finally said that you like me, I'll never allow you to take your heart back. Your heart will be kept here with me, you can't ever take it back."

Han Zhouli's expression was earnest as if he had completely dedicated himself to keeping her heart with him for a lifetime. The stubbornness in his eyes was even a little frightening.

Yet, Lu Man was not afraid at all. She cupped his face in her hands, pressing the tips of their noses together. "Sure. Han Zhuoli, I like you, I'm falling for you more and more every second. Even if you tell me to take my heart back now, I can't take it back either. Also, I can't take it back even if I wanted to, it's not up to me."

"Don't even bother thinking of getting it back," Han Zhuoli replied arrogantly.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Standing outside the door, Zheng Tianming informed. "CEO, Du Lin is here."

Han Zhuoli sighed, remarking sarcastically in his mind that Du Lin really couldn't have found an even better time to come.

Lu Man was puzzled. "You really called Du Lin over?"

She thought that it was only just an excuse.

"He is attending the charity night tonight too. You two should meet and get to know each other before that. Later on, reporters would definitely ask him about his issues in the past. If you feel that his answer is problematic or anything, you have to quickly think of something to change the topic or try to save the situation on the spot," Han Zhuoli explained.

"I've got it," Lu Man nodded.

Because of Han Zhuoli, Lu Man's hair was a little messy and her clothes were rather crumpled. So only after she hurriedly tidied herself up did Han Zhuoli let Du Lin in.

Du Lin was not handsome. He solely relied on his high emotional intelligence and sense of humor to attract a massive crowd of fans.

Du Lin's rise to popularity wasn't something anyone else in the entertainment industry could replicate.

Du Lin looked at Lu Man. Even though she had already tidied herself up, the creases on her clothes were still visible. He then looked at Han Zhuoli too and saw that it was the same with him too. Du Lin raised his eyebrows curiously.

"This is my little sister-in-law?" Du Lin looked at Lu Man interestingly. He could easily tell how young Lu Man was, but she was really much younger than Han Zhuoli and him.

So it righteous to call her 'little sister-in-law'.

Lu Man did not expect Du Lin to be on such good terms with Han Zhuoli.

Whereas, Han Zhuoli was feeling extremely proud and honored by his words. "That's right. Regarding the plan for your comeback, she was the one who thought of it! She's impressive, isn't she?"

Listening to Han Zhuoli praise her so highly, she could not help but feel embarrassed.

"Impressive, very impressive." Du Lin took a seat in front of them. "Well then, from today onwards, please look after me well, little sister-in-law."

"If anyone needs to be looked after, it should be you looking after Lu Man, how could you get Lu Man to look after you?" Han Zhuoli rolled his eyes at him. "For tonight's charity night, Lu Man will be following you too. So you better pay attention and make sure that she doesn't get bullied by anyone."

"Sure, leave it all to me," Du Lin readily assured Han Zhouli.

"Actually, Du Lin's matter in the past was not like what the media reported. Before he met his current wife, he had already divorced his ex-wife. It's just that his manager didn't want him to lose his image of a good man, so he never mentioned it all along. Unfortunately, who knew that, in the end, his career would be ruined by this," Han Zhuoli explained, sitting by the side.

Honestly, Du Lin's character had no issues. It was just that sometimes he could not help but do certain things to match with the image of his that was portrayed to the public. Moreover, his ex-wife was a real piece of work too. She always splurged and took advantage of Du Lin while being married to him. After the divorce, his ex-wife also refused to announce their divorce. It was highly likely that she wanted to use Du Lin to enter the entertainment industry too.

Until now, she was still relying on using her past marriage with Du Lin to gain popularity on Weibo.

This matter was honestly quite complicated so Han Zhuoli did not explain in detail.

However, if Du Lin was indeed problematic, Han Zhuoli wouldn't have let Lu Man help him.

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