Chapter 37: You're Shameless

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At that moment, many guards arrived at the door and guarded it seriously.

Yet through the small window on the door, Xia Qingwei could see everything.

"No, I have to go and take a look." Xia Qingwei was worried. Ignoring that she was still on her IV drip, she got off the bed to take a look.

However, Auntie Chai hurriedly stopped her and said, "You shouldn't go, Old Wu will go instead. It's inconvenient for you now as you're still on your IV drip. Besides, Old Wu is a man, he can manage it better if anything crops up."

Auntie Chai truly felt that she got along pretty well with Xia Qingwei.

Usually, through Xia Qingwei's and Lu Man's conversations, she could tell that they were going through a difficult time. Moreover, all the burden had fallen onto Lu Man's shoulders alone especially since Xia Qingwei was hospitalized.

Yet, despite that, this mother-daughter pair had never given up. Both of them continued bravely facing the difficulties that came their way.

They had neither lamented about their difficulties nor were they affected by any negative emotions. They would not even cry about their hardships and misery to every person they met. Even when they saw someone living well, they were not jealous and would only tell themselves to work harder instead.

Neither had they strayed away from the right path despite having no one to rely on.

Moreover, Xia Qingwei was a divorcee and was still young. With her beauty and elegance, as long as she was willing to, she could easily find a man to depend on.

Regardless of whether he was married or divorced.

As long as she was as shameless as her younger sister, Xia Qingyang. Isn't she leading a good life now?

However, Xia Qingwei was not shameless. She would even keep a respectful distance away from her Old Wu. Her words and mannerisms had always made Auntie Chai feel comfortable and at ease.

Therefore, Auntie Chai was also extremely comfortable letting Old Wu help her out more.

"That's right. I'll go and take a look. You two wait here. Even if you hear anything, don't leave from here hastily. Wait for me to return," Wu Zhiguo said.

Xia Qingwei did not wish to reject their help. She thanked them sincerely, "Brother Wu, Sister Chai, I'm truly grateful."

"Hey, there's no need to be so polite," Auntie Chai said as Wu Zhiguo left the room. "I have not done much. Both of my children are busy and only visit me once a week. Also, my husband's cooking skills are only so-so. To be honest, it's just enough to keep my stomach filled so that I wouldn't be hungry. I have to thank Lu Man for always thinking of me whenever she prepares food. Thus whenever you eat, I also get something to eat too. Hence, during my stay this time in the hospital, my tummy has gotten fatter. We are both helping each other out, there's no need to be so polite with one another."

Meanwhile, Wu Zhiguo hurriedly ran over and saw Lu Man surrounded by four men who were trying to capture her.

"What are you doing!" Wu Zhiguo quickly ran in front of Lu Man, shielding her.

"I'm Lu Man's father," Lu Qiyuan frowned and asked. "And who are you?"

Upon hearing that Lu Qiyuan was Lu Man's useless father, without any explanation, Wu Zhiguo pointed at Lu Qiyuan and said, "So you're that useless father of Lu Man. Why? Wasn't it enough to bully Lu Man at home? That you still want to bully her at the hospital? Your ex-wife has been sick and hospitalized for so long yet you've never visited her before. However, now you've decided to come here just to capture Lu Man? You're shameless!"

"This is our family's matters. It has nothing to do with you." Lu Qiyuan looked at Lu Man unhappily.

One should not air their dirty linen in public.

Was it great complaining to outsiders?

Thus, Lu Qiyuan said nothing further. However, Xia Qingyang did not want to miss this opportunity. She said, "Man Man, I didn't even know you were so unhappy with us. If anything, you could have just told us directly, why did you involve an outsider? Others may misunderstand us and your father. Moreover, this matter is unsightly."

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