Chapter 30: Use Her Mother to Threaten Her!

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As for those celebrities who were rumoured to be involved, no matter how often they were gossiped about, they all released official statements under their agencies to dispel the rumours.

Lu Qi was also one of them too.

However, as Lu Qi was the most suspicious, she immediately became the most searched artist on the Internet with the other female celebrities placed below her.

However, with this level of suspicion, how would one measly statement be useful?

Anyway, be it Tang Zi or other paparazzi, none of them officially or clearly stated that she was the one who had slept with Lu Hanli and even hurt him.

All they had mentioned were some vague clues and suspicions. The rest were just the netizens' speculations.

So, even if Lu Qi wanted to sue someone, she did not even know who to sue.

Since Tang Zi was well-versed on how long gossip could last, as expected, Lu Qi stayed as the most searched artist for three days.

That was why, he decided to release another statement after three days, saying "I'll be back on Wednesday."

Once Lu Qi was no longer trending, it would send her up the ranks as the most searched term yet again.

"Mom, what should I do? Look at this. I'm... I'm screwed..." Lu Qi anxiously grabbed onto Xia Qingyang.

Xia Qingyang looked at the news on the Internet. Lu Qi was already flustered. "Wednesday... that's 3 days from now. It must be Lu Man. It must be her. She was the one who told the paparazzi! Other than Brother He, she is the only one who knew. The police wouldn't have mentioned it as they do not have evidence yet! She must have hurriedly tried to get me involved in all this. Mom, what do I do?"

"I... I can't go to jail. Let alone that, with all this news, my career in the entertainment industry is completely gone. I will never be able to make a comeback either. In the past even when there was a female celebrity who had slept around, there were only baseless rumours and nobody could provide any concrete evidence. I didn't even do anything with him, yet once people start talking about how I tried but failed and instead hurt the director, I'm doomed. Mom, what should I do, what should I do...."

Lu Qi was so afraid she started trembling. She grabbed onto Xia Qingyang's elbow and kept shaking.

Xia Qingyang was fuming. "It must be that b*tch, Lu Man. She is just as despicable as her mother, always sneaking around behind people's back. If it wasn't for that b*tch Xia Qingwei, you would not be just a sad step-daughter despite being the biological daughter of the Lu family."

Upon remembering this, hatred filled Xia Qingyang's heart. She gritted her teeth and her expression became sinister.

"We should not have let her go today!" Infuriated, Lu Qi said. "We should have just grabbed her to the police station and force her to turn herself in!"

Lu Qi seemed to have thought of something and suddenly grabbed onto Xia Qingyang again. "That's right. We can bring her to the police station! Isn't she the most worried about her sickly mother? We can use her mother to threaten her!"

Xia Qingyang said, "But this matter would still require your father. Lets..."

Xia Qingyang whispered something by Lu Qi's ear while Lu Qi kept nodding profusely.


As for Lu Qiyuan, he was still grimacing in the study room. He was fuming with anger because of Lu Man, regretting that he has such an unfilial daughter like her, who completely ignored her own father's words.

Eventually, he heard Xia Qingyang's thin voice from outside.

"Qi Qi, open the door. What's the matter? You can always discuss it with Dad and Mom, don't stubbornly coop yourself up in the room and think all sorts of foolish thoughts."

Coming from the study room, Lu Qiyuan saw Xia Qingyang standing in the corridor talking outside Lu Qi's bedroom door.

"What's the matter?" Lu Qiyan asked as he walked over.

Xia Qingyang seemed to have been caught off guard and turned around. Yet once she thought about her red-rimmed eyes, she quickly turned back again and wiped away her tears.

However, Lu Qiyuan was already there. Even if she turned her back away and wiped her tears, would Lu Qiyuan not have seen it?

Yet, Lu Qiyan would always fall for her tricks.

"Why are you crying?" Lu Qiyuan quickly pulled Xia Qingyang over, wiping away her tears as his heart ached. "Who made you sad? Or who bullied Qi Qi?"

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