Chapter 58: If This Isn't Bullying, What Is This?

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"Thank you so much, I've caused trouble for you all." Lu Man said gratefully, her face full of appreciation for the nurse.

The nurse had seen how she was being bullied by her own father and her step-mother, and Lu Man already felt pitiful enough, but now Lu Man was even more worried that she would cause trouble for the hospital, thus the nurse felt that Lu Man had it tough.

But this was Lu Man's family matter, and she could not meddle, thus she would just do whatever she could to help Lu Man in other ways.

"It's nothing, letting him come here to make noise would also disturb other patient's rest," the nurse said.

After Lu Qiyuan heard that, he was furious.

What kind of person did they take him for!

Yet, as he was still being subdued by Zhou Cheng, he could not even say anything.

Lu Man saw with her own eyes that Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui had thrown Lu Qiyuan out of the main door of the hospital. Lu Qiyuan looked like a mess, which was out of the ordinary, his hair was messy and even his clothes were crumpled. No matter who sees him, they would not believe he was the boss of a large company.

Lu Qiyuan wanted to point at Lu Man and scold her, but he cared more about his image, and he could not bring himself to do it in the crowded streets.

Not caring about him anymore, Lu Man turned around to return to the hospital.

When she returned to the hospital room, the nurse had just finished checking Xia Qingwei wound.

Seeing that Lu Man had returned, the nurse felt reassured, "There's nothing wrong with her wound, it's quite good."

After that, she told Xia Qingwei, "You must control your emotions, no matter how angry you are, you can't ignore your own health. Your body is no one's but your own, you can't harm yourself because of some people, there's no advantage to that, and you'll even make your daughter worried and anxious."

Xia Qingwei nodded, "I know now, this time I was too impulsive."

"Really, thank you so much," Lu Man said gratefully.

"It's nothing," the nurse really felt that Lu Man as a young girl had it tough. Taking a look at Lu Man, the nurse felt that she was indeed very young. The nurse remembered that the other day when Lu Qiyuan brought people to cause trouble, she had heard Xia Qingwei say that because of that younger daughter, Lu Qiyuan had forced Lu Man to quit school.

Even though she did not say anything to Lu Man right now, when she had gone back, she told all her colleagues about what Lu Man had been through.

"On the Internet, Lu Qi's image is that of an affluent second generation heiress. However, her management company has been opened by the Lu family, and the company has her as their only celebrity, and she often brings capital with her for the movies or shows she acts in. Even though they are so rich, they still force their older daughter to quit school just to be Lu Qi's assistant, if this isn't bullying, what is this?" When the nurse returned, she was very angry.

"This Lu Qiyuan must have something wrong with his brain, I even heard that Lu Qi is his step-daughter, not his biological daughter, whereas Lu Man is his own biological daughter. Even if he has something wrong with his brain, he can't treat his own biological daughter so badly!" A colleague said in shock, finding it incredulous that someone would do something like this.

Since the hospital was so big, there were some people, who were Lu Qi's fans. However, after seeing and hearing about that incident themselves, they all stopped being fans of her.

Currently, the discussion of what had happened with Lu Qi was intensifying online, and the hospital staff were using online names to expose what had happened.

Moreover, the tip-off this time also included Lu Qiyuan.

Instantly, the whole Internet was scolding both Lu Qi and Lu Qiyuan, and there was no one standing on their side.

However, Lu Man did not know about these things yet.

When she finally left the hospital room, she saw that Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui were still at the door.

The two of them knew that Lu Man definitely had a few things to ask them, and so had stayed there.

"Thank you for you did just now. Are you both going continue staying here?" Lu Man asked.

"Yes, Young Master Han had us stay behind and specifically told us to look after this place," Zhou Cheng replied.

"I didn't see you both until just now, where were the two of you?" Lu Man asked, finding it strange that had not seen them she heard Lu Qiyuan's shouts.

Seeing that Lu Man had no intention of being angry, Zhou Cheng heaved a sigh of relief and said smilingly, "We were scared that if we stand here, it would make all of you feel uneasy, and we were also scared that you would misunderstand us, so we've been hiding nearby all along. Just like now, we would have appeared only if something happened."

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