Chapter 120: Ultimately, What She Was Afraid of Still Happened.

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Although he did not clearly state it, it sounded as if she was being fickle-minded and a player.

No! No!

She and Han Zhuoli were nothing. So even if she were flirting with someone, she was neither being fickle-minded nor being a player!

But having to say it out loud, Lu Man was afraid. "No, I didn't agree to him."

In case she had to choose between them, she would rather have Han Zhuoli send her instead of Wu Lize.

She did not want to have too much interaction with Wu Lize in her private life which may let Auntie Chai misunderstand them.

Moreover, since Auntie Chai looked down on her, and neither did she have any interest in Wu Lize in that sense, Lu Man did not want Auntie Chai to misunderstand and cause herself any trouble.

Besides, to chase after someone who despised her, was something Lu Man would never do.

Hearing that Lu Man had declined Wu Lize's request, Han Zhuoli's expression finally seemed a little better. Just then, Wu Lize happened to turn around and finally saw Han Zhuoli not far ahead.

The corner of Han Zhuoli's quirked up slightly. "Wait for me at the carpark."

"Alright." Lu Man hung up the phone. She sneaked a glance in his direction and met Han Zhuoli's gaze.

Right after that, Han Zhuoli started walking in her direction.

Lu Man almost jumped out of fright. He wasn't thinking of immediately taking her away in front of so many people, right?

That would cause such a huge misunderstanding!

Ultimately, what she was afraid of still happened. Han Zhuoli indeed walked towards her.

However, when he reached in front of her, he paused for a second and then just walked away without even looking at her.

Lu Man let out a sigh of relief, she was completely covered in cold sweat.

Moreover, when Han Zhuoli had walked past her just now, he seemed to have blinked at her, but she was not sure if her eyes were playing tricks on her.

All this while, Wu Lize did not realize what was going on between Han Zhuoli and Lu Man. Seeing that Lu Man had ended her call, he walked over.

Lu Man was resigned. She said, "Manager Wu, I will pass on your thoughts to my mother. It's just that, there are so many people in the company and if anyone were to see you sending me there, it'll not bode too well for you. It's my first day of work today and there's already some not so great rumors about me, so I..."

Even Wu Lize had heard about some rumors and hence understood Lu Man's concerns. "Sorry, I did not think about that. Then... then I won't be sending you. You don't need to feel uncomfortable."

However, this made Lu Man feel apologetic instead. She did not expect Wu Lize to agree so readily.

"Thank you." From the bottom of her heart, she was sincerely grateful for his understanding.

Wu Lize smiled a little and said, "But on the day when Auntie is discharged, you can't refuse, alright?"

However, Lu Man was just about to refuse a little later. She did not plan to let Wu Lize fetch them. If Auntie Chai were to find out, she would definitely have something to say about it again.

Yet when she was just about to speak, she was interrupted by her phone's ringtone again.

"Sorry." Taking out her phone, Lu Man took a look at who was calling. It was Han Zhuoli once again.

Lu Man rolled her eyes mentally. She turned away from Wu Lize and picked up the phone again.

However, before she could speak a word, Han Zhuoli was impatiently chasing her, "Why aren't you here yet?"

"..." Lu Man pursed her lips and said, "Why don't you just head off first then?"

"..." Han Zhuoli laughed a little sarcastically. "Hurry up."

He then hung up the phone.

This time, as Lu Man had not walked away Wu Lize could overhear. He then asked, "You're meeting someone?"

Lu Man could only reply, "Yeah, I have a friend who wants to visit my mom with me."

"Oh, then I won't hold you back any further. You should hurry along." Wu Lize did not put too much thought into what Lu Man had said.

Seeing that Wu Lize did not probe further, Lu Man let out a sigh of relief. The matter of fetching Xia Qingwei was also forgotten.

Lu Man headed towards the car park. Luckily, Han Zhuoli's parking lot was separate from the others and on its own.

There were quite some people on the way to the carpark, but the majority of them were at least of a managerial position.

As there were limited parking lots, they were only reserved for those who were at least held a managerial position.

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