Chapter 175: This Isn't Somewhere You Can Come To

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Lu Qi frowned and said, "Han Zhuoli is sitting at the frontmost main table, so why is it that Lu Man is not with him and instead is sitting with Du Lin? Du Lin's reputation is not very good."

What made Lu Qi even more furious was that Du Lin was also caught up in a scandal, so how could he have a seat closer to the front and better than hers?

Xia Qingyang assumed a feigned manner and frowned, saying worriedly, "Could it be that Lu Man and Du Lin—"

She then glanced at Lu Qiyuan and as expected Lu Qiyuan sneered. "Shameless thing!"

Xia Qingyang smugly lifted the corner of her lips, ever since she had entered the Lu Family, she had always been giving him pillow talk, telling him how Lu Man lacked morals and always had intimate relations with many of her male classmates and also that she liked receiving gifts from male classmates in exchange for letting them take advantage of her.

At the same time, she would also praise Lu Qi for having had a lot of self-esteem and morals, telling Lu Qiyuan that even though there were a lot of people trying to woo her, Lu Qi did not bother with them at all and was putting her whole heart into studying.

Of course, Xia Qingyang never directly talked badly about Lu Man, instead, she would always bite her tongue, saying things that seemed like they were for Lu Man's good, but was actually telling on her.

From the beginning, Lu Qiyuan had always treated Lu Qi well as he felt that he had been letting Lu Qi down by not acknowledging her as his own daughter in public. And after months and years of Xia Qingyang brainwashing him, he did not care much about Lu Man and since he was always busy with work, whatever he knew about Lu Man and her life came only from Xia Qingyang.

In Lu Qiyuan's eyes, Lu Man was an inhumane girl who did not respect her step-mother and bullied her step-sister while having impure relations outside.

"It looks like she was not lying to me before, she really does not have any relations with Han Zhuoli, otherwise, she would not be sitting together with Du Lin right now. Hmph, it must be that after entering the Han Corporation, she was able to get close and interact with these celebrities and she could not seduce Han Zhuoli, she resorted to seducing Du Lin," Lu Qiyuan said, extreme hate evident in his voice. "Why is it that she refuses to stop behaving this way and insists on totally throwing away the Lu Family face!"

Lu Qi covered her mouth in surprise, carefully saying, "I heard that... Du Lin had married the mistress that he cheated on his wife with, then why is Lu Man still—"

When she said that, she had utterly forgotten that her mother Xia Qingyang was also a mistress, and she had been the mistress of her own brother-in-law.

Xia Qingyang expression became a bit unnatural, and she quickly changed the topic, "Why didn't Zhengbai come with you?"

Lu Qi explained, "The two of us have discussed already, it is better that the two of us don't appear in public together for a while, we'll consider that after the commotion has died down."

Whether it was the casting couch, or framing Lu Man, or stealing Lu Man's boyfriend, none of these were good things. So as of now, it was really not good for her and He Zhengbai to appear together in public as it would increase her bad reputation.

"That's true," Xia Qingyang nodded, her gaze sliding over to Lu Man's side, "Lu Man has left already."


Lu Man informed Du Lin before going to the bathroom.

It was really... she had eaten a bit too much ice cream and also drunk quite a lot of fruit juice.

When she came out of the bathroom, she was just walking when someone obstructed her path, "Why are you here?"

Lu Man raised her head and saw out that it was Lu Qiyuan.

Taking advantage of Lu Man's unpreparedness, Lu Qiyuan grabbed her arm and scolded her. "This isn't someplace where you can just come and go as per your wish, now hurry up and leave, don't embarrass yourself and me!"

"I have work to do here," Lu Man's face darkened, she wanted to shrug away Lu Qiyuan's hand, but found that he was grabbing too tightly, and she could not get rid of his hand.

"Work?" Lu Qiyuan gave a scornful sneer. "Did you really think that I did not see you by Du Lin's side, acting so shamelessly? Leave this place quickly!"

"Don't speak nonsense!" Lu Man said angrily.

This person had no brain, he really could not see what the occasion and kind of place this was and started spouting rubbish as soon as he opened his mouth.

"There are reporters hidden in every corner in this banquet, be careful when you speak!" Lu Man warned in a low voice.

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