Chapter 137: Han Zhuoli Recognized Wu Lize's Voice From Over The Phone

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He had started liking Lu Man more and more, and as his admiration increased it slowly turned into liking.

It was just that because of their previous misunderstanding, it would be difficult for Lu Man to accept him that easy.

Moreover, their relationship was one of superior and subordinate.

Wu Lize pinched at the place between his eyebrows, his head aching, he then stood up and walked out of his office cabin.

Lu Man was planning on calling takeaway, but just when she took up her phone to make a call, Han Zhuoli called her; it seemed as if he had telepathy with Lu Man.

Lu Man criticized him in her heart, although Han Zhouli had said that he would wait for her to decide, he was not even giving her a chance to calmly consider and was continuously using different ways to remind her of his existence. So how could she properly think about it?

"Young Master Han?" Lu Man picked up the phone.

Right now, Han Zhuoli did not want to be caught up with how she addressed him as after they would confirm their relationship, he would slowly settle the debts. "You haven't gotten off work yet?"

Han Zhuoli was standing at the main entrance of the company, and he saw groups and groups of people that were walking out, yet did not see Lu Man at all.

"Why is the CEO's gaze so scary? Is it that we ended work on time, so the CEO is not very satisfied and thinks that we are not serious about our work?"

"I feel like that too, the CEO's gaze is like he wants to throw us in a hole. How about... we go back and work overtime?"

All this while, Han Zhuoli had not realized even a little that him standing guard at the entrance of the company was scaring his employees.

"I'm staying behind tonight to work overtime," Lu Man explained.

Han Zhuoli's eyebrows creased slightly. "You're working overtime on the second day of work already? What about the rest of the people in your department?"

"They are all done with their work," Lu Man cradled her phone to below her ear, then flipped open some documents.

"Is it Du Lin's case? Haven't you already finished preparing?" Han Zhuoli asked weirdly.

"It's not, I'm still having my trial period, I have a lot of things to learn," as Lu Man spoke, she saw Wu Lize walk over.

"Lu Man," Wu Lize called her.

"I'll stop talking now, I have to hang up."

Han Zhuoli recognized Wu Lize voice from over the phone, it seemed that all the other employees of the office had left already but only Wu Lize was still there.

Han Zhuoli narrowed his eyes, giving Zheng Tianming a call. "Where are you?"

"I'm at the parking lot, what does CEO need me to do?" Zheng Tianming was just about to enter his car and hurriedly stopped.

"Make a call to Wu Lize, give him some work, anything will do," Han Zhuoli said as he walked back in.

Zheng Tianming had really been with Han Zhuoli for very long, and hence had a tacit understanding of him, "How long should the job be?"

"Long enough that he has no chance to come back to find Lu Man," Han Zhuoli clenched his teeth and said.

Zheng Tianming instantly understood; it was probably that Lu Man was working overtime in the office.

"Understood, I'll go and do it now."

Meanwhile, as Dai Yiran returned to the company, she was so ablaze with anger, wanting to give Lu Man a lesson that she did not even see Han Zhuoli who was at the other end separated by a crowd of people and directly rushed into the lift.


After Lu Man hung up the phone, she looked towards Wu Lize. "Manager Wu, you still haven't left yet?"

"I should be asking you that," Wu Lize lowered his head and saw the documents on her table. "Why do you have so much work to do?"

Lu Man just smiled and did not say anything.

However, Wu Lize instantly thought of the reason.

Dai Yiran was also an intern, but she had left very early, and only Lu Man was here, of course, it was that she got ostracized.

Furthermore, Dai Yiran was the daughter of Secretary Dai, and a lot of people wanted to curry favor with her, and hence were helping Dai Yiran to make life difficult for Lu Man, it was not hard to guess.

It was just that what the employees did privately, as long as no one really went to tell on them, this kind of petty things, even if he was their superior, he still could not actively go and say something that would ruin the balance in the department.

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