Chapter 200: Someone Is Feeling Guilty

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Before entering the department, Du Xiangdong had silently stood by the door, listening intently to their gossip for quite a while. He had heard Ye Xiaoxing and others mud-sling Lu Man. Only when they stopped gossiping did he let Wu Lize announce his arrival.

Meanwhile, as Du Xiangdong spoke to Lu Man, Ye Xiaoxing stood there uncomfortably, color draining from her face, making her look so pale as if she was cramping up.

Previously, Wu Lize had indeed informed them about Du Lin's case and told them that whoever had the confidence could submit a proposal to take on that case.

Ye Xiaoxing knew that this case was extremely difficult and if she were to succeed, then it would boost her career to a new level.

However, even after racking her brain to the extent that she almost split it apart, she still could not come up with a satisfying proposal.

Now that Du Xiangdong mentioned how everyone was unwilling to take on the case, the rumor that Lu Man seduced a superior in exchange for an opportunity was starting to crumble and fall apart.

This opportunity had long since displayed before them, anyone could have seized it if they wanted to.

Yet, no one grabbed that opportunity and it finally landed into Lu Man's hand.

She needed to seduce a superior to get an opportunity like that!

That was such a joke!

Moreover, any mistake or mess up and Lu Man would have lost her job!

Right now, she was getting praised by Du Xiangdong solely because of her ability and because she had done a great job.

If not, Du Xiangdong would have chased her out of the company!

"You have just started with implementing your proposal, yet the results are already so amazing. Right now, the public has a rather good impression of Du Lin. I would like to thank you personally and present you a cash reward." Du Lin smiled. "Continue the hard work. Your reward in the future will not be measly!"

Seeing Lu Man being rewarded, Ye Xiaoxing was green with envy with an ugly expression on her face.

Whereas, even upon being rewarded Lu Man still nodded calmly, not being haughty or sycophantic. "Thank you for your affirmation, Director Du."

Seeing Lu Man's demeanor, Du Xiangdong was satisfied and pleased. No wonder Han Zhuoli had recommended her.

Although this girl may be young, she was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Moreover, despite her tender age, she wasn't insecure, egoistic, proud or anxious.

Unlike those other two, the color on their face and expressions changed so many times in such a short time as if their face ran a dye factory.

With such a mentality, they still thought about winning Lu Man?

Unfortunately, the only thing Ye Xiaoxing and Xia Mengxuan could do now was to be envious of Lu Man.

"As for the rumors circulating within the company, even I've heard them. This matter will implicate Du Lin's comeback. I will investigate and find out the one who started such a malicious rumor. A talent that was chosen based on ability was rumored to have gotten this far by relying on their superior, such a rumor is also an insult to our company's hiring policies and standards." Du Xiangdong glanced at Ye Xiaoxing coldly.

A scrupulous and experience man like Du Xiangdong was easily able to make it out from the sheepish look on Ye Xiaoxing's face, that it was highly likely that she had something to do with this matter.

Even Lu Man had a rough idea too. After Du Xiangdong left, she glanced at Ye Xiaoxing briefly.

Feeling guilty because of her wrongdoings, Ye Xiaoxing tried masking vulnerability and timidness with a tough appearance. "What are you looking at!"

Lu Man mocked lightly, "Looks like someone is feeling guilty."

After speaking, Lu Man walked out of the office.

Ye Xiaoxing's heart skipped a beat. Mentally, she reminded herself once again that Lu Man did not have any evidence at all and that it was just her speculation. However, she still couldn't repress her guilt and fear and chased after her.

"Stop there, Lu Man!" Ye Xiaoxing tugged and pulled at Lu Man. "Where are you going?"

Lu Man raised her brows and asked, "What do you think?"

"Are you thinking of finding someone to complain to? Manager Wu? The CEO? You're already an adult, stop behaving like a child!" Ye Xiaoxing said, anxious and flustered.

"Why would I go and complain?" Lu Man mocked at Ye Xiaoxing.

"Why are you pretending! Isn't it because you think that I was the one who spread the rumor?" Ye Xiaoxing clenched her jaw tightly, gritting her teeth as she seethed in anger.

"Did I say anything? You're the one who's jumping to your own conclusions. If you weren't the one who did it, why are you feeling so guilty and embarrassed? Why do you even care who I might be looking for?" Lu Man scoffed, shaking Ye Xiaoxing's hand off.

Ye Xiaoxing stomped her feet in anger and again chased after Lu Man. No matter what, she could not let Lu Man report this to anyone. "Lu Man, you have no evidence, don't accuse people!"


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