Chapter 36: You Wish!

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However, Lu Man quickly ran away and shouted at the nurses, "Hurry! Send some men over to guard the hospital room! If anything happens to any one of your patients in this hospital, you will have to pay for it!"

The nurses came to their senses and quickly called for the security to guard the hospital room.

Thankfully, the nurses recognized Lu Man. Even without her mentioning, they knew which room to go to.

"In broad daylight, how dare you try to arrest somebody so easily! Do you guys even know the law!" Lu Man shouted accusingly. "Then again, even if you did, you wouldn't try to get me to be Lu Qi's scapegoat. Lu Qi tried to sleep with the director but failed and even injured him. Now that she's afraid and unwilling to go to jail, she plans to get me to be her scapegoat. Hahaha! You wish!"

"Shut up!" Lu Qi shouted, shocked and furious.

"Why should I shut up? Lu Qi is your daughter, but so am I. Why? The daughter of your wife now is a treasure but the daughter of your ex-wife is trash, is it? Lu Qi is clearly at fault, and you want me to be her scapegoat, what gives you the right! Dad, no matter how biased you are towards Lu Qi, you should still try to remember that I'm your daughter, alright? I've never hurt you, neither do I owe you anything, so why do all of you try to harm me like this!"

Lu Man deliberately shouted all these loud and clear. Thus even if the matter was all cleared up eventually, Lu Qi would still be in trouble.

If they had not planned to use Xia Qingwei to threaten Lu Man, they would have been able to quietly capture Lu Man.

But now, it was almost impossible as a crowd had already gathered around them.

Also, Lu Qiyuan's angry shout was still too late. The surrounding crowd had already started gossiping. "Lu Qi? Is it that the female celebrity Lu Qi?"

"It sounds like her. Didn't the tabloids online mention it before? She was trying to sleep with the director but ended up hurting him. Everything matches!"

"The discussions regarding it are still alive on the internet. Who knew it really turned out to be Lu Qi."

"Lu Qi's elder sister has already said so. Then it must be Lu Qi!"

"He is her biological father too. Both of them are his daughters, so how could he cherish and protect one, but mistreat the other so much?"

"Did you not hear what that lady said? He has remarried. Once you have a step-mother, your dad becomes your step-father."

"But this is still too overboard!"

In particular, those who were parents were especially angry.

"No, no." Xia Qingyang anxiously waved her hands. "It's not Qi Qi! Don't spout rumours! Don't listen to the rubbish she said!"

Watching Xia Qingyang get all flustered over such a small matter, Lu Man snickered mockingly.

Why would Lu Qiyuan like a woman who was so narrow-minded, weak and relied on others that he would even abandon the strong Xia Qingwei for her?

Was it that men always liked those weak and meek women who would always listen to what they said?

As for those who were strong, they simply believed that they would not feel pain after being hurt.

Ultimately, Lu Qiyuan protectively brought Xia Qingyang into his embrace. He hurriedly ordered his men, "Hurry! Grab her and seal her mouth shut! Stop her from spouting rubbish!"

Subsequently, the nurse, standing at the side, spoke, "Don't be so disorderly in the hospital! If you dare capture somebody from this hospital, we will call the police!"

As she spoke, she picked up the phone on the table.

"Smack!" Lu Qiyuan smacked the phone away. "This is our family's business. There's no need to involve the police."

As long as Xia Qingwei was here, Lu Man would not dare to run away.

Meanwhile, Lu Qiyuan's men surrounded her, preventing her from escaping.


However, the ruckus from outside had already entered through the tightly closed door of the hospital room.

With the IV line still in Xia Qingwei's hand, she said. "Why is it so noisy out there? I think I've heard Man Man's voice."

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