Chapter 102: She Would Not Be Chased Away By Anyone!

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"Mister Han," As soon as the Secretarial department people saw him, they greeted him.

Although Han Dongping did not have a position at the Han Corporation, he had some shares at the Han Corporation.

Moreover, since he was Han Zhuoli's elder uncle, whenever he would come here the Han Corporation staff were very respectful towards him.

"This is the daughter of Secretary Dai from our city, she especially came to the company for an internship. Where's your CEO?" Han Dongping asked.

"The CEO is having a meeting, he's not in the office," Ye Xuanxuan quickly said.

"Did I come at the wrong time? Big Brother Han is busy right now," Dai Yiran said embarrassedly.

"It's not a problem, anyway you are not an outsider. Since he's not here, then just directly wait in his office," Han Dongping waved his hands and made the decision.

However, there was a rule that if Han Zhuoli was not present, no one was to be let into his office.

After all, the office had too many important documents, if anything happened, who would take responsibility?

Furthermore, Han Zhuoli did not like people touching the things in his office when he was not around, even sitting on his sofa was also not allowed.

However, today Lu Man entered, and had broken the rule.

Hence, Ye Xuanxuan and the others felt that if Lu Man could go in, there was no reason why Dai Yiran could not.

Moreover, Han Dongping did not think of himself as an outsider, so he brought Dai Yiran and swaggered into Han Zhuoli's office.

"Uncle, I'll wait here by myself. If you have other things to do, you can go and do them," Dai Yiran said.

"Alright, then you wait here by yourself, I won't disturb you young people." Han Dongping said smilingly and then left.


In the meantime, Lu Man took a cup of mineral water from the pantry, and after drinking it, she made a trip to the bathroom.

That was because she did not want to have the urge to go to the washroom while discussing things with Han Zhuoli later as she had drunk too much water. That would be very awkward.

After coming back from the washroom, she helped herself to another cup of water, carrying it back to Han Zhuoli's office.

On opening the door and seeing Dai Yiran, Lu Man froze at the doorway.

Lu Man felt that she looked quite familiar, but she did not have a deep impression of her.

It could be that she had seen her before in her past life, but maybe she was not someone very important and hence she did not remember her.

What shocked Lu Man was that Dai Yiran was very casual in Han Zhuoli's office.

Moreover, there was no one looking after her, and she was just standing at the side of Han Zhuoli's desk and touching everything.

At that moment, Dai Yiran was holding the fountain pen Han Zhuoli usually used to sign documents, and was touching it like it was a treasure.

Dai Yiran was very fascinated with it and Lu Man just happened to enter when she wanted to kiss the fountain pen.

As Dai Yiran was halfway through her action, she instantly felt awkward and face darkened instantly.

"How can you be so undisciplined, coming in without knocking the door! Don't you know that when Big Brother Han isn't here, he doesn't allow anyone to enter the office? How improper!" Dai Yiran said harshly. Despite being the guilty party, she decided to complain first, entirely unlike her gentle self when she was usually with Han Dongping.

Lu Man raised her eyebrows, finding it funny, so who was the one who actually took advantage of when Han Zhuoli was not here to break into the office?

If this woman knew Han Zhuoli's rule, then when she was saying it, why didn't she think about herself?

As Dai Yiran's gaze landed on the cup in Lu Man's hands, she said, "Alright, place the water down and leave. You don't even know how to welcome a guest, pouring a cup of plain water and entering, really—"

Immediately after that, Dai Yiran sneered, unsatisfied, and chased her out, "Leave quickly!"

Lu Man was so angry that she started to find it funny.

Today was such an amusing day, she did not offend anyone at all, but everyone, on the other hand, kept throwing their temper at her, treating her as a pushover.

However, Lu Man did not even say a single word and carried her cup to sit on the sofa.

Anyway, she was following Han Zhuoli's orders, and Zheng Tianming had brought her here personally, clearly stating that she was to wait here, and no one was to chase her away, so she had reason to be here no matter who came!

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