Chapter 71: Zhou Cheng Was Impressed by Han Zhuoli's Cunning Attentiveness.

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After a while, a Black Bentley Mulsanne stopped right in front of him.

Zhou Cheng looked around, and like a thief, he stealthily walked up and quickly got into the car.

"Xiao Chen, Mr Han didn't come?" Zhou Cheng asked as he tightly hugged onto the two lunchboxes in his hands.

"Hehe," the driver Xiao Chen laughed, "stop holding so tightly onto them, just pass them to me. Mr Han is busy and can't come over, but you still have to pass me these lunchboxes."

Zhou Cheng could not bear to part with those lunchboxes and touched them reluctantly. These past few days in the hospital, their palates and appetites had changed because of Lu Man. They could no longer eat take-outs anymore.

It was all because of that blabbermouth Xu Hui. He just had to tell Mr Han that Lu Man prepared meals for them herself.

That was why, even when Mr Han himself could not come he would still send Xiao Chen over.

"Mr Han can't eat two portions alone either." Zhou Cheng struggled for the last time. "Just give him one portion."

"You can tell that to Mr Han yourself then." Xiao Chen rolled his eyes.

Zhou Cheng shut his mouth.

If he could tell him, he would have done it much earlier.

Xiao Chen stopped wasting his time chatting and quickly took the two lunch boxes over from Zhou Cheng and then passed him another two meal boxes.

When Zhou Cheng took a look at them he was immediately impressed by Han Zhuoli's cunning attentiveness.

Even after taking Lu Man's lunch boxes away from them, he specially prepared two identical looking meal boxes just in case Lu Man finds out.

"Let me tell you something else. Help me to inform Mr Han about it," Zhou Cheng said.

"What's the matter?" Xiao Chen kept the lunchboxes aside, still afraid that Zhou Cheng would snatch them.

Zhou Cheng squinted his eyes. He was not that pathetic!

Though, he did indeed almost thought of snatching it back.

"Lu Man has been looking for a job recently. She had applied for many, but none of them was successful." Zhou Cheng said, "I've checked, it's Lu Qiyuan's doing."

"Alright, I'll report this back to Mr Han."

Zhou Cheng finally sighed and carried two fake meal boxes with him off the car. From now on, it seemed that he would never ever be able to eat Lu Man's homemade food again.


Upon returning to the Han Media Company, Xiao Chen immediately went to Han Zhuoli's office.

"Mr Han." Xiao Chen placed the lunchboxes in front of Han Zhuoli and told him everything that Zhou Cheng had found out.

"I've got it." Han Zhuoli nodded his head.

So calm? No reaction at all?

Xiao Chen was full of curiosity. Could it be that they all had misunderstood Han Zhuoli's feelings towards Lu Man?

"Is there anything else?" Still busy working, Han Zhuoli paused and looked up at him.

"No." Xiao Chen quickly said, "Then I'll be leaving."

Xiao Chen was still a little puzzled. However, as he walked to the door, he heard Han Zhuoli's voice. "Go out and tell Zheng Tianming to get HR to meet me."

A weight was suddenly lifted off Xiao Chen's chest, and he immediately felt calm.

Indeed, they did not misunderstand Mr Han's feelings towards Lu Man.

After leaving, Xiao Chen passed on Han Zhouli's message to his assistant Zheng Tianming.


The next day, Tang Zi came to the hospital with a basket of fruits.

Xia Qingwei knew him since Tang Zi would often visit Xia Qingwei in City B on behalf of Lu Man when Lu Man used to follow Lu Qi to other cities as her assistant.

"You're here, Tang Zi! Come, quickly take a seat!" Xia Qingwei was very happy to see Tang Zi. "Man Man, quickly get a glass of water for Tang Zi. You, too, Tang Zi, there's no need to bring any fruits if you're coming. If you bring something again the next time you visit, I dare not let you visit me anymore."

Tang Zi asked, smiling, "Man Man and I are such good friends, why are you still being so polite. I already treat you as my godmother."

Then Tang Zi chatted with Xia Qingwei for a while. He even made Xia Qingwei laugh non-stop, but she was afraid of laughing too hard as she may hurt her wound.

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