Chapter 106: You Must Be Feeling Aggrieved

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It was not good of Dai Yiran to randomly say such things. If his mom was to hear it, she would probably make his father kneel until his knees rotted.


Lu Man really could not control herself and laughed again.

How could Han Zhuoli be so comical!

Furthermore, he was being comical with such a serious face!

Although Han Zhuoli may not be trying to be comical, she found it hilarious when she heard it.

Right now, Dai Yiran's expression was like she had been choked, her face was reddened. After a long time, she managed to say "I followed your uncle."

"Oh," Han Zhuoli nodded, "My aunt didn't say anything?"

"Pft!" Lu Man turned away, Han Zhuoli was really too much!

"Big Brother Han!" Dai Yiran called embarrassedly, feeling aggrieved, "aunt and uncle had brought me there together, to introduce the two of us!"

Han Zhuoli had an 'I really don't remember' expression on his face, and he turned around to ask Zheng Tianming, "Does Miss Dai have an appointment?"

"No," Zheng Tianming quickly replied.

"Then why is she here?" Han Zhuoli asked again.

"It's Uncle Han who sent me here, I'm starting work at Han Corporation today," Dai Yiran quickly said.

However, Han Zhouli gave an incredulous look to Zheng Tianming, "There's such a thing?"

"Yes, previously, Mr. Han told you, and you told me to deal with the situation as I see fit," Zheng Tianming said.

That meant that Han Zhuoli threw the whole thing to him, and Han Zhuoli did not ever ask about it again.

In Han Zhuoli's eyes, he was already giving a face to Han Dongping, as for Dai Yiran, he really had no impression of her at all.

"Then go report to your assigned department, what are you doing here?" Han Zhuoli was impatient, was something really wrong with that girl?

Everybody: "..."

Why Dai Yiran came, do you really not know?

"Lu Man, come with me," Han Zhuoli called out her name, and Lu Man immediately followed him, and entered his office together with him.

Afterward, Han Zhuoli closed the door, and Zheng Tianming asked Dai Yiran, "Miss Dai, have you handled your entry formalities?"

Dai Yiran pulled a long face and stiffly said, "No."

Initially, she had followed Han Dongping and directly came to find Han Zhuoli.

She had initially thought that even if Han Zhuoli did not personally bring her to handle her entry formalities, he would still place emphasis on her, and have people help her to settle them.

Yet who knew that the actual situation would be like this.

However, Zheng Tianming seemed to not see Dai Yiran's bad facial expression and said, "I'll go with you to handle them, this way, please."

Dai Yiran looked at the office door again as she did not want to take it lying down, after that, she hatefully glanced around at Ye Xuanxuan and the rest of the people there.

Her embarrassment today was all seen by them.

Meanwhile, Ye Xuanxuan thought in her heart that it was not good, she had been hoping Dai Yiran would be her backer.

Yet Dai Yiran had already walked away with Zheng Tianming and remembering the dark look cast by Dai Yiran, there was no way she would help her.

Hence, Ye Xuanxuan started to panic suddenly and turned around to grab Yang Fangqi's arm, "Elder Sister Yang, what should I do?"

"Ha, just now in front of Dai Yiran, weren't you quite in the limelight? If you have so much ability, how can you not know what to do? If you still can't find a way, then you can go and find Dai Yiran for help, what's the use of coming to me?" Yang Fangqi shrugged off her hand.

Earlier she had tried to convince her, but Ye Xuanxuan refused to listen, playing such tricks in front of her, and now that she suffered losses, Yang Fangqi could not be bothered to care about her.

Anyway, now she clearly knew what kind of person Ye Xuanxuan was. Ye Xuanxuan was someone who would rush when it was time to claim credit and would rush ahead not even caring about whatever friendship she had with you. However, on facing a problem, she would run away first and care less about whether you lived or died.

Hence, Yang Fangqi quietly pulled Zheng Xiaoying away too, it was better to have fewer relations with Ye Xuanxuan.

Ye Xuanxuan followed them to enter the office and as she returned to her desk, tears started to drip down her ghastly pale face.


Meanwhile, in Han Zhouli's office.

"Sit," Han Zhuoli pointed at the sofa, and sat down opposite her, "I'm sorry, you were treated unfairly by my staff. You must be feeling aggrieved."

"It's nothing, anyway, I have returned the favor on the spot," Lu Man was not bothered with what had happened.

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