Chapter 35: Take Her Away!

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Seeing Lu Qiyuan and his men, Lu Man's expressions changed. She quickly ran towards the hospital room while making a phone call, "Tang Zi, bring reporters to my mother's hospital. Faster! I can only delay them for 15 minutes at max."

"What happened? 15 minutes is enough. Wait for me." Tang Zi had already expressed his stand without waiting for Lu Man to explain.

"Lu Qiyuan has brought people with him to the hospital and it definitely isn't to see my mother," Lu Man said, "If I'm not guessing wrongly, I think they're here to catch me and then make use of my mother to force me to go to the police station and be a scapegoat for Lu Qi."

"F*ck, is this your real father?" Tang Zi cursed, his family was a normal household, and since childhood, he had been a wild child and his studies were not good such that his dad often hit him.

But he knew, it was all for his own good.

Moreover, now he was a paparazzo, and it was not a very proper job and it was also very tiring. But to his dad as long as he was not doing something illegal and was using his own hard work, there was nothing wrong with being a paparazzo.

Nonetheless, his father knew that he spends the whole day running everywhere and thus when he returned home, he would treat him very well. Also, his mother would try to feed him things that are beneficial to him.

Hence he had never thought that a man as disgusting as Lu Qiyuan existed.

Such that for another woman's daughter, he would make his biological daughter suffer so much.

Was there something wrong with his brain?

"I also hope he isn't my biological father, but that would mean that my mother has betrayed him. That's not possible, my mother isn't that kind of person," Lu Man said as she ran, "Alright, I don't have time to tell you more, come over quickly."

"I will!"

Lu Man hurriedly ran back to the hospital room, placed the cutlery on the table and told Xia Qingwei, "Mom, I have something to do, I'll go out for a while."

After saying that, she hurriedly ran out such that Xia Qingwei did not even have time to ask her anything.

Actually, Lu Man had wanted to go to the walk-in clinic on the first floor, but she had not thought that Lu Qiyuan would come so fast. He was already on this level, at the nurses' station.

He had come along with Xia Qingyang, and behind them were five burly men.

Seeing this group of people, the nurses were confused and suspicious. It was obvious that they were not here to visit a patient, it was more likely that they were here to smash up the place.

On the other hand, Xia Qingyang's eyes were sharp, and she instantly saw Lu Man, she shrilly screamed, "Lu Man, don't run!"

However, Lu Man never intended to run in the first place. Even if she ran, Xia Qingwei was still in the hospital, so how could she run?

Lu Man tightly pursed her lips and asked coldly, "What are you here for? Could it be that after so many years, you both have finally recalled that my mother is in the hospital and have come to see her?"

Since they could find out that Xia Qingwei was in this hospital today, so they obviously could have found out in the past too.

Until now, Lu Qiyuan had never come to visit Xia Qingwei and had only remembered about this place when Lu Qi was in trouble.

At that moment, Lu Man was full of anger and hatred.

Just like Tang Zi had said, how could such a vile person exist!

"We are here to take you back with us. If you cooperate with us, we obviously won't need to disturb your mother. However, this depends on what you choose to do," Xia Qingyang threatened as she stood beside Lu Qiyuan.

"What are you trying to do?" Lu Man suddenly raised her voice.

Originally, they had already caused a commotion, which had drawn people's attention.

Now that Lu Man had purposely raised her voice to yell, many more people were looking towards them now.

She could predict already that once the news had spread online, the Lu family would have become frantic.

Somehow, they would definitely try to catch her and make her take the blame.

But they did not find her last night because they had been busy dealing with Lu Qi's situation and needed time to find manpower.

Thus, Lu Man had decided that from today onwards, she would stay in the hospital with her mother.

Since it was a public space, Lu Qiyuan would not dare to do much.

Yet she had not thought that they would be this crazy, coming straight to the hospital to take her away.

But now that Xia Qingwei was present, Lu Man had a lot more to worry about.

"Take her away!" Lu Qiyuan ordered.

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