Chapter 153: Are You an Idiot?

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"Please try your best. The file in there is very important," Wu Lize urged.

The staff from the IT Department looked troubled. "I can only say that I'll try my best, but please don't get your hopes too high."

"Alright, just try your best." Lu Man was dejected.

The computer was taken away. As time ticked by, there was still no news from the IT Department.

Lu Man could only call them over and over again until they were annoyed.

Even Wu Lize was troubled too, he could not stand around and watch as Lu Man lost this opportunity over this accident.

"If it honestly doesn't work out, I'll propose to the CEO if we could extend the deadline until tomorrow. One night's time should be enough for you to do it up again, right?" Wu Lize said.

Dai Yiran was unpleased. "Manager Wu, that wouldn't be too good. Won't that be too unfair to me? We have already agreed on having the deadline today, why is it that Lu Man keeps getting to break the rules?"

"This is an accident, she's not breaking the rules," Wu Lize said lowering his voice.

"How is that not breaking the rules? If it were me, would you do that too?" Before Wu Lize could speak, Dai Yiran pressed on relentlessly, "We both joined the company at the same time. Other people had to suffer through a long probation period. Yet, Lu Man was assigned a case to work on independently from the start, and she did not have to go through the probation period. That's already unfair to others. You said that this is an accident, that is her bad luck. Yet luck is part of her ability. If her luck is bad, why do I have to pay the price?"

"That's right, Manager. This is too unfair. When we first entered the company, we didn't receive such treatment. It's fine that Lu Man was treated specially, we didn't really say much about it nor do we seek any justice. Yet, why does she still get another chance just because of her own mistake? We can't just brush this off. If something like that were to happen to us, will we also receive such special treatment too?" Ye Xiaoxing stood up and echoed.

"That's right. Besides, who knew whether Lu Man did it on purpose." Xia Mengxuan pursed her lips. "Perhaps she couldn't finish the proposal, and was afraid of being shamed, so she created this virus accident."

"Are you an idiot? You have the cheek to say something like that, but no one is so shameless to actually believe it. You would give your computer a virus attack just because you couldn't submit a proposal? Since you can think of such out-of-the-world ideas, why haven't you gone to space?" Chen Shimian poured scorn on Xia Mengxuan.

Xia Mengxuan stomped her foot angrily. Chen Shimian must be out of his mind!

Why was he always targeting her!

Yet, the others did not believe Xia Mengxuan's words either. Xia Mengxuan was just speaking blindly. There was no logic behind her words.

Just then, the personnel from the IT Department from before arrived.

Wu Lize saw him and hurriedly pulled him over. "How's it? Is the computer fixed? How's the file inside?"

"The computer can surely be fixed, but the files inside it definitely can't be recovered." The staff from the IT Department took out a pen drive. It was precisely the one that Dai Yiran had Ye Xiaoxing insert into Lu Man's computer CPU.

When Ye Xiaoxing saw it, her heart immediately rose to her throat.

"This virus was spread through this pen drive. The virus is pretty complex, when you entered the password, it triggered the virus. By then, all the files inside were already destroyed." The IT staff complained, "You should be more careful if your pen drive is infected with a virus. It's fine if you infect your own computer, but all the computers in the company are connected over the internal network. If you infect the other computers too, the damage would be too great, could you even pay for it?"

Lu Man said solemnly, "This is not my pen drive."

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