Chapter 154: Who Said That I've Lost?

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"Why isn't it yours? It was plugged into your computer's CPU. If it's not yours, it's not possible that someone else plugged it in, right?" The IT personnel said, displeased.

"So it turns out to be your own mistake that caused your computer to get infected by the virus, haha."

"If that's the case, then what Xia Mengxuan said just now isn't completely illogical."

"That's right, who now know that she did it on purpose."

All the colleagues pursed their lips and voiced their opinions.

However, Lu Man did not even frown and just replied sarcastically, "But maybe it was really someone else who plugged it in."

The IT personnel could sense something amiss in Lu Man's tone. He placed the pen drive on the desk and said, "Anyway, I've already figured out the reason. You guys can handle the rest. I can send the computer over tomorrow morning. We still need to re-install the company's software."

After speaking, the IT personnel left hurriedly.

Dai Yiran took in a deep breath. "Manager Wu, since Lu Man can't submit the proposal on time, that's on her. As someone who's competing with her, I don't agree with extending the deadline. Anyway, I've already completed my proposal, so I'll submit mine."

Dai Yiran presented the printed proposal that was neatly placed in a file to Wu Lize.

"Lu Man, you were unlucky this time, but as I have said, luck is also part of your ability. Of course, whether this was an accident, it'd be hard to tell." Dai Yiran glanced sideways at Lu Man. Her words meant that this accident was created by Lu Man. "Even if you could not complete the proposal, you didn't have to use such an extreme method. But, no matter what, this is clearly my win."

Wu Lize frowned. Lu Man did not even submit any proposal, how could it be considered as Dai Yiran's win?

As Lu Man was forced to drop out of the competition, Dai Yiran's win was not a rightful one either.

How did Dai Yiran even have the cheek to say that out loud?

"Lu Man, I think that after the computer is returned tomorrow, you should quickly type out your resignation letter," Xia Mengxuan said gloatingly.

Earlier Ye Xiaoxing was still very nervous, but now that Lu Man could not even find an explanation for the pen drive, she started feeling braver. "Haha, Lu Man, you were the one who said at the start that whoever loses has to resign. You have to keep to your word."

"Who said that I've lost?" Lu Man asked. She was barely anxious, her smile forced.

Sister Li pressed her lips together and shook her head unhappily.

To Sister Li, Lu Man was being a sore loser and trying to argue her way out of it.

Since she could not submit a proposal, she should just admit her defeat. Also, Lu Man was the one who proposed the bet that whoever loses will have to resign.

As Lu Man could not complete her proposal she had infected her own computer with a virus and now, she was even trying to argue her way out of it.

This girl's character was too horrible!

Brother Zhang laughed sarcastically, his indifference towards Lu Man written all over his face.

"Why? You don't want to admit it despite losing and even trying to cheat your way out of this!" Ye Xiaoxing said harshly.

"Lu Man, it's just a loss. Don't lose your job and your character too, it's too unsightly," Xia Mengxuan followed.

Both of them spoke one after another, angering Lu Man even further. She pressed her lips together tightly, forcing down her anger, and said to Wu Lize, "Manager Wu, the file in that computer which was neatly formatted and detailed may be gone, but I still have my initial draft. I completed it at home after work hours. While it may not be as neat and organized as the file in the computer, it's still something that I can submit."

Lu Man did not say that she had done it after her interview that day, if not Dai Yiran would definitely want to speak about it.

She would say that Lu Man had a few more days than her to prepare, that it was unfair, etc.

Suddenly both Ye Xiaoxing and Xia Mengxuan's expressions froze. Lu Man still had a draft?

Wu Lize let out a sigh of relief. "It's good that you have one. The focus of the proposal you submit is on your thought process. Once it's approved, you can refine it further too."

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