Chapter 169: Seeing Lu Man Walking Together With Wu Lize

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Luckily, the dress was low-key enough that a layman would not be able to recognize its real value. Hence, Lu Man was not scared to wear it in public.

Just as Lu Man returned to the office to pack her things, Wu Lize happened to have already packed his things, coming over to suggest that they should head to the venue together.

As soon as she saw Lu Man in that dress, he was left dumbstruck.

His heart thumped and started to beat faster, the tips of his ears turning red.

The dress enhanced Lu Man's fairness, with her skin glowing she looked like a fairy.

"Lu... Lu Man," as soon as he opened his mouth, Wu Lize realized that he was actually stammering.

"Manager Wu," Lu Man did not notice how strangely Wu Lize was acting. "I am ready, we can go now."

Although Wu Lize returned to his senses and nodded his head, he was still a bit stunned. "Oh, alright, alright, let's go."

When Lu Man and Wu Lize both left the office, the rest of the staff had also finished for the day and were preparing to leave.

Sister Li smiled kindly. "I think that they were not wrong at all, Manager Wu does indeed have some feelings for Lu Man. Just now, when he saw Lu Man in that dress, he was stunned for quite a while."

"Even this old man noticed it, but Lu Man is still so slow and did not notice it all," Brother Zhang also smiled and said.

"Such girls always have a good fortune," Sister Li said with a smile on her face.

Suddenly, there was a loud thump as Ye Xiaoxing threw the files onto her desk unhappily.

Everyone clearly knew that she liked Wu Lize. What was the meaning of saying such words in front of her!

Sister Li looked over coldly, unhappily shaking her head, but she did not say anything and just called Brother Zhang and Chen Shimian to leave together.

"They only know flatter those in high positions and step on those who are weak!" Ye Xiaoxing mumbled, as she grabbed her bag and left angrily.


As Lu Man followed Wu Lize to the parking lot downstairs, she curiously asked him, "Which car are we taking there?"

"Assistant Zheng told me just now that we need to go with the CEO, that way it would be more convenient." When Assistant Zheng had first informed him about this, Wu Lize found it a bit strange as in all these previous years the CEO had never gone together with them.

But Assistant Zheng explained that all of them needed to go to the event anyway, so it was better to go together.

Wu Lize felt that it did have some logic.

Furthermore, the higher-ups had already decided, so even if he was unwilling, he could not do anything.

Lu Man laughed in her heart, it was not as simple as it looked; there had to be a catch.

As expected, when they reached the parking lot, they had not walked far when they saw Zheng Tianming and Han Zhuoli standing next to a car.

Wu Lize quickly brought Lu Man over, suddenly feeling overwhelmed by an unexpected favor, how could he let the CEO stand outside and wait?

At that moment, Han Zhuoli could no longer see Wu Lize, he just had Lu Man in his eyes.

When he had chosen this dress, he had thought that Lu Man would look very good in it.

Yet now that Lu Man actually wore it, Han Zhuoli felt that his imagination was too poor, it could not even compare to the 10 percent of the way Lu Man was looking right now.

Simply too gorgeous; he really wanted to hide her from others.

Seeing Lu Man walking together with Wu Lize, Han Zhuoli felt that it was an eyesore.

"CEO," Wu Lize greeted respectfully.

Lu Man also followed him and greeted him.

Lu Man took a look at the car next to Han Zhuoli, it seemed a bit of too small to even squeeze four people in.

Just as she thought that she heard Zheng Tianming say, "Manager Wu, I have prepared two cars, you can follow me to take the other car."

Wu Lize was stunned for a moment, he still felt that this arrangement was a bit strange.

Zheng Tianming was the special assistant of the CEO, shouldn't he be by Han Zhouli's side instead of taking the same car as him?

Furthermore, Lu Man was from the Public Relations Department and his subordinate, so shouldn't she be going together with him in the same car rather than the CEO's car?

"The CEO wants to discuss some things concerning Du Lin," Zheng Tianming smiled and explained, even though these words seemed a bit unjustified to hear.

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