Chapter 127: I've Always Kissed You with a Reason

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"I'll give you one more chance. What should you call me?" Han Zhuoli threatened quietly. His slightly hoarse voice was tinged with attractiveness, hooking onto her heart such that her heartbeat followed the rhythm of his words.

"Mr Han, just let go first... mmph..." Once Lu Man opened her mouth, she would be interrupted by his kiss.

The person in front of her seemed to have found a new skill. He was exceptionally good at taking advantage of Lu Man right when she was about to speak.

Lu Man was blushing furiously. Feeling him sliding in, she could not untangle herself from his lips and tongue.

He pressed against her even harder. Even without him holding onto her, Lu Man was pressed so hard against the car door that she could not even move downwards.

Finally, Han Zhuoli let her go. "Try calling me Mr Han one more time."

Lu Man dared not. However, she glared angrily at him. "How could you do this! I did not even agree to this! You can't just... can't just for no reason..."

"How did I do this for no reason? I've always kissed you with a reason." Han Zhuoli lowered her head and looked at her angry figure.

She had pouted those lips that were just kissed swollen and red by him. It was rare for this little fox to be so angered by him that she could not even reply and just kept sulking. It was too adorable.

Han Zhuoli could not help but laugh. Whereas, Lu Man clenched her teeth in anger.

Who was he!

To have the cheek to laugh at her!

"Lu Man," Han Zhuoli kept his grin, and called her seriously.

Suddenly, Lu Man froze because of his serious tone. Under Han Zhuoli's dark and heavy gaze, she was forced to stay still.

"Not all men are like Lu Qiyuan or He Zhengbai," Han Zhuoli said sternly.

Lu Man's eyes wavered. She had not expected him to know about He Zhengbai.

Right, on the first day they met, he had seen He Zhengbai.

However, from just a few words, what could he have found out?

Yet from Han Zhuoli's words, it seemed as if he knew about He Zhengbai very well.

"You were just hapless and extremely unfortunate to have a father like that and meet a man like He Zhengbai.." Han Zhuoli's breath stiffened.

He Zhengbai and Lu Man were almost engaged. He had a jewel like Lu Man yet he did not know how to cherish it. It felt as if he had trampled on a treasure.

When he thought about that, Han Zhuoli was extremely livid.

If he had met Lu Man earlier, he would have definitely cherished her like a treasure, and would have never let her get hurt.

However, Lu Man was furious. Did this guy not know his way with words?

It was one thing to know but why did he still have to say it out loud?

"But, now your luck has taken a complete u-turn because you have met me." Han Zhuoli smiled softly, his handsome eyebrows even appeared a little smug. "I'd never be a d*ck like Lu Qiyuan or He Zhengbai. I'm not a good-for-nothing like Lu Qiyuan. Neither do I have to use women to achieve some goal like He Zhengbai. I don't need any of that."

That was true. With Han Zhuoli's position and status, he did not need to care about such things from long ago.

By now, Lu Man was even more sure that Han Zhuoli knew about what happened between her and He Zhengbai.

"I'm still young. I don't want to take another gamble," Lu Man said calmly.

"Just wait and see then. Watch me prove it to you." Han Zhuoli's hand tightened, gripping onto her waist even tighter.

"What exactly do you like about me then? I have self-awareness. Can't you have whatever woman you want? There's nothing special about me, nothing about me that stands out. If you're just..." Lu Man did not continue.

She recalled how angry Han Zhuoli had gotten when she had questioned if he was going to play with her.

Similarly, Han Zhuoli was fuming now too. Even until now, Lu Man was still questioning him.

However, at least, she had remembered his words and did not really voice her question out loud.

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