Chapter 5: Surprisingly, Han Zhuoli Did Not Expose the Truth

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Lu Man smiled coldly. Lu Qi's mother Xia Qingyang was the mistress who ruined her family, and similarly, now Lu Qi was the third party in Lu Man's and He Zhengbai's relationship who stole He Zhengbai from Lu Man.

Yet Lu Man no longer cared. She did not pity herself for having such a bastard leave her.

Now, all she wanted was for them to pay for their schemes and the harm they had caused her in her previous life!

The more Lu Man spoke, the guiltier He Zhengbai felt, and she stared at him with a cynical look, "Ever since the two of you have gotten together, I had thought of it as we had already broken up. Yet you are thick skinned enough to stand here and say that I have betrayed you.

"Stop making such unfounded attacks!" Lu Qi anxiously said.

If they were alone, she would have not minded using He Zhengbai to agitate Lu Man.

However, now, Lu Man no longer cared for He Zhengbai, and Lu Qi refused to let herself be known as a homewrecker.

"Even though you're the one who's trying to be a social climber and got caught in the act, you're trying to turn this around and slander us!"

"Slander?" Lu Man suddenly let go of Han Zhuoli, and this time even Han Zhuoli did not keep his hold on her and let her go.

Keeping a hold on her towel, to prevent it from falling, she stepped forward to stand right in front of Lu Qi.

Then she suddenly extended her arm and directly grabbed onto the necklace Lu Qi was wearing and removed it.

Lu Man's action was too unexpected, Lu Qi did not even think that Lu Man would do such a thing and hence was not on guard at all.

Lu Man pinched the pendant on the necklace and showed it to them, "He Zhengbai was solicitous to get the words engraved in Chinese."

On the back of the pendant, impressively carved, were He Zhengbai and Lu Qi's names, which were even surrounded by a heart shape.

The truth had been revealed, and whatever excuses He Zhengbai and Lu Qi tried to make were useless.

It was not as if everyone was dumb.

Could it be that the pair had carved a pendant for fun?

Don't joke!

"This is a personal matter, please solve it privately," a policeman said, turning to ask Lu Man. "Miss Lu, have you been here all along?"

"Yes." Lu Man turned returning to Han Zhuoli's side and wrapped her arms around his waist. But for some reason, Han Zhuoli did not expose the truth.

He only lowered his head to look at her, with a shadow of a smile on his face.

Lu Man smiled gratefully at Han Zhuoli. Whatever his reason might be, for not exposing the truth, he had done her a great favour.

"Did something happen?" Lu Man inquired.

She had not been there a while ago, and hence asking such a question was considered normal.

The policeman explained. "The guest next door has been severely harmed and has now been sent to the hospital to be saved."

"I have no idea what happened. I have been here all along. If you don't believe me, you can check the surveillance cameras," Lu Man dared to say that, as she knew that the surveillance camera in this area of the hotel was not working.

In her past life, after she got into trouble, Lu Qi had instantly gone to find He Zhengbai, and coincidentally, this hotel was owned by the He Family.

Thus if He Zhengbai wanted something, all he needed to do was to say a word.

He had only called the police after he had helped Lu Qi wipe the evidence.

In her past life, the film director was lucky to be alive even after his treatment had been delayed by them for a long period of time.

Currently, Lu Man was taking a gamble here, hoping that everything would go exactly the same way as it had occurred in her previous life.

Upon noticing the policemen's strange expressions, she knew her gamble paid off.

"However what I don't understand is, if the incident has occurred the next door d, why did you come here to find me?" Lu Man had a look of confusion on her face.

Before the police officers even had a chance to reply, Lu Qi had rushed to speak, "Wasn't it you who told me to find the director?"

Lu Man smiled mockingly, Lu Qi must have made up her mind to make Lu Man her scapegoat already.

Lu Qi had already stolen her father and her boyfriend, yet that was not enough for her. She still wanted to harm Lu Man even more.

"I don't understand what you mean. I'm merely an assistant. What business would I have with the director? Are you suggesting that I wanted to get a role of my own?" Lu Man said, raising the cell phone in her hand.

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