Chapter 122: You're Asking Me What I Like About You?

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He gently stroked the corner of her eye and caressed her cheek all the way before cupping his hand at the back of her ear.

His hot breath followed closely on the trail of his hand and blew onto her cheek. It burned Lu Man so much she could not help but shiver.

Lu Man was blushing so much that even her ear tips were red and her eyes dazed, this was the effect of Han Zhoul's lips had on her.

Han Zhuoli's breath was burning hot. "You were saying that you have nothing to do with me?"

Suddenly, Lu Man came back to her senses. She was still trembling slightly because of what his lips had done.

Lowering her gaze, she saw his earlobe right before her lips. Since Lu Man could not push him away, she mustered her courage and steeled her heart for what she was going to do next. She then lowered her head and bit onto his earlobe.

"Tsst!" Han Zhuoli let go of her in pain. "You little girl, why are you always so fierce?"

Lu Man pushed him away in anger, yet Han Zhuoli held onto her even tighter. Finally, Lu Man ran out of energy and could only give up.

"Mr. Han, you've already told me you're a proper and well-mannered gentleman, and wouldn't be rude anymore. You just went against your words!" Lu Man was so angry that her originally pink face turned an even darker shade of red.

However, Lu Man looked so beautiful even when she was angry.

Han Zhuoli was itching with anger and frustration.

If he were to continue being proper and well-mannered, this girl would be eaten by another wolf instead!

"I'm properly and romantically wooing you. How did I go against my words?" Han Zhuoli moved forward teasingly yet again, the tip of his nose was almost about to touch hers. Lowering his gaze, he could see her plush pink lips from being kissed, making his throat feel hot.

Lu Man was extremely distracted by his hot breath blowing onto her face. She did not dare to even breathe. "Could you just move back a little first?"

"I've just told you, I'm wooing you," Han Zhuoli refused.

Lu Man raised her eyebrows slightly. "Why?"

"Of course it's because I like you." What else could it be then?

"I'm not particularly attractive, especially to someone like you, Mr. Han. You are not lacking in women who like you. No matter how pretty or talented they are, there are plenty of them. There are tons who are much better than me, so what do you even like about me?" Lu Man had never expected it, and neither had she ever dreamt that someone like Han Zhuoli would ever like her.

In her previous life, Han Zhuoli was someone to be admired from far far away, who was miles above her and placed on a pedestal. He was someone she could have never known in her entire life, let alone get close to him.

In this life, because of fate, she got to know Han Zhuoli, yet she had never dreamt of having any sort of close relationship with him.

Moreover, Lu Man knew that she had no self-confidence due to her past experiences.

Although Xia Qingwei had suffered together with Lu Qiyuan, in the end, she was still betrayed by Lu Qiyuan.

He Zhengbai was her childhood sweetheart, yet he still chose Lu Qi.

If even He Zhengbai did not like her, how could someone as brilliant as Han Zhuoli ever be attracted by her?

Lu Man did not believe that she had anything worth attracting Han Zhuoli.

"Because in the entire 30 years of my life, you're the only woman who has moved my heart. Towards other women, I've never felt like approaching them, or even kiss them," Han Zhuoli said softly.

All this time, the pink blush on Lu Man's face never faded. His hoarse voice crept gently into her ear.

At first, she thought that his voice through the phone was already attractive enough. Yet, when he was actually speaking next to her ear, his voice could make her feel so soft and go weak in her legs.

Lu Man felt as though all her bones had given up on her.

"So, you're chasing me. And then? Because you're interested right now, you decided to give a try, and once you're sick of it, you're going to throw me away?" Once Lu Man spoke those words, she felt that Han Zhuoli's breath suddenly turned cold.

"You're insulting me, and yourself too." Han Zhuoli's face turned cold, his voice icy and cold, "I've lived for 30 years and finally met a girl I truly like. Don't make me think that my taste is bad. You're asking me what I like about you? Do you expect me to say that I like your strength, like your sneakiness and that I like this terrible temper of yours?"

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