Chapter 160: Why Was His Girl So Impressive!

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Dai Yiran thoughts changed instantly. "Then, it should have been me who should be chosen. Why was Lu Man chosen instead?"

"From what I know, back then, before you offered yourself to participate in this competition, you probably didn't know that test would be about Du Lin's comeback promotional plan, right?" Zheng Tianming still remembered the amazing expression on Dai Yiran's face when she found out the topic for their test.

Back then, she probably would have been extremely regretful of jumping out and offering to participate in the test.

"Who... who said that!" Dai Yiran understood the meaning behind Zheng Tianming's words. "Take a good look at who I am. Uncle Han had already told me about the test a long time ago. At first, I didn't have to participate in it, but then I saw that the test was pretty interesting, so I wanted to join in the fun and play around a bit."

"Well then, please talk about the content of the proposal you had submitted," Zheng Tianming said, deadpan.

"It... it is..." Dai Yiran stuttered. She racked her brains, trying to squeeze out something, but there was not even the slightest memory of the proposal in her head.

Yesterday, during the mess, she had hurriedly printed out the file on her computer. She had only roughly glanced through it once and she did not even try to memorize anything. She thought that just submitting the proposal would be completely fine.

"I'll talk about it." Lu Man stepped forward and looked at Han Zhuoli.

It was the proposal that she had written herself. She had modified and changed it so many times, she had already memorized everything by heart.

She had dared to let Dai Yiran steal her proposal because her proposal was already read by Han Zhuoli and Du Lin.

If not, she would have never let Dai Yiran get her way.

Listening to Lu Man clear and organized thoughts and the way she explained it slowly and steadily, Sister Li and Brother Zhang were moved.

Lu Man's proposal was indeed very interesting, creative and out-of-the-box. It was beyond everyone's expectations.

Even if there were no actual execution yet, they knew that it would definitely succeed!

As for who exactly had written the proposal, was it still a question now?

One was stuttering and could not speak a word, while the other was speaking clearly and in an organized manner, full of logic.

At that moment, in Han Zhuoli's eyes, there was only Lu Man's air of confidence as she spoke. The corner of his mouth lifted uncontrollably, he liked her even more as he looked at her. His thick and overflowing fondness towards her was just about to spill out of his eyes.

Why was his girl so impressive!

When she was faced with this matter, she was not anxious or flustered. She was calm and composed, not a fear could be seen in her when she had to speak up for herself.

Pride surged up and filled Han Zhuoli's heart.

Lu Man was almost tongue-tied by his expression, her ears turning utterly red.

After Lu Man finished speaking, Han Zhuoli nodded slightly. "Not bad. Coincidentally, what Lu Man explained just now is exactly the same as what Dai Yiran had submitted. However, It was an improved and edited version based on the one that Lu Man had submitted."

Dai Yiran suddenly pointed at Lu Man. "It's you! You must have looked at my proposal before!"

Zheng Tianming could not stand it any longer. "Oh please, Lu Man stole a look at your proposal and remembered everything. Yet, you wrote it yourself, but you couldn't remember anything? You probably didn't know that the day Lu Man was informed about the topic for the test, she had submitted her proposal on the spot and also there were even two proposals submitted by her. However, this one was approved by Du Lin himself. So this means Lu Man came up with this proposal herself. Anyway, we all knew about it long ago."

Dai Yiran abruptly turned towards Lu Man. Lu Man had laid a trap for her!

"Is there anyone else who still disagrees?" Han Zhuoli scanned across the crowd coldly.

Sister Li stepped forward in support of Lu Man. "Previously, I did have the same sentiment as them. I thought that the company was giving special treatment to Lu Man and that it was unfair. However, after I found out about the topic that Lu Man was tested on, I didn't think that way anymore. A test like that is even more difficult than suffering through a six-month probation period. Today, after hearing Lu Man's proposal, I'm even more sure that the company's decision was right. Even if this case was assigned to us, we couldn't have come up with such a good proposal like Lu Man's."

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