Chapter 90: Han Zhuoli's Breaths Heated up, His Throat Moistening

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At that instant, Lu Man turned her head away. Han Zhouli had suddenly become so serious that she did not dare to look him in the eyes anymore.

It was as if he had returned to being the male god from her past life, whom she silently looked up to from far away.

However, in this lifetime, this male god was really acquainted with her.

Right now only the two of them were in the elevator. Moreover, the hospital elevator was very spacious.

Yet with Han Zhuoli in there, the elevator suddenly became a lot cramped.

Instantly Lu Man felt her face starting to heat up, and she shook her head in order to clear her mind and then said, "As for whatever happened in the past, just treat it as if nothing happened before and forget about it."

"Alright," After Han Zhuoli answered Lu Man he stopped talking, and lowered his head to quietly look at Lu Man.

The enclosed space in the elevator was just to his liking, with only him and Lu Man. Moreover, the mild perfume on Lu Man seemed to overpower the antiseptic smell of the hospital.

Seeing that she had lowered her head, he could see that her normally fair face was reddened, but he did not know whether it was from feeling his gaze or otherwise.

Also, her beautiful white skin had a faint pink tinge to it, just like the color of cherry blossoms.

Moreover, from Han Zhuoli's position, he could clearly see her firm nose as well as her soft and slightly plump lips.

All this made Han Zhuoli's heart beats rise and his throat moistening and an intense desire to kiss her again rose within him.

The beast in his heart called for him to walk towards her, to get closer and press her against the wall of the elevator and kiss her fiercely.

It had been so long since they met, and he longed for her sweet smell.

It was alright if he never had a taste of it before, but now that he had kissed her just a few days back, he could remember that sweet taste and kept dreaming of it over and over again.

Now that the real person was in front of him, how could he contain himself?

The beast in his heart was making so much noise, wanting to burst out.

At that moment, he could not think of anything else, he had tossed away all the notions of being a gentleman and being charismatic to the back of his brain.

As Lu Man's head was lowered, she just happened to see Han Zhuoli move his feet forward as if wanting to come closer to her.

She nervously held back her breath. Although she could take a step back, at that moment, her legs were like jelly and she could not even move them.

Suddenly, there was the sound of the elevator. Although It was not a loud sound, at that moment, it was like the sound of an explosion.

Following that sound, the doors of the elevator opened as they had already reached the first floor.

The leg Han Zhuoli had lifted up changed direction and stepped out of the elevator.

Once Han Zhouli stepped out of the elevator, Lu Man felt that she could breathe again, and she started taking big gulps of air and panting, after which she immediately followed after him.

"How do you know my dad went to the Public Relations Department?" Lu Man asked, trying to find something to talk about.

"After I finished my meeting, my assistant told me that you met Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi in the lobby and that you even almost got hit by him. However, by that time you had already left, so even if I wanted to catch up with you I could not. I also heard that he had found out which department you are applying for and went to find the department. Hence, I was scared that he would cause trouble for you, so I went over as well."


"Don't worry," As Han Zhuoli said that, he had already walked to his car. "The choice of the Public Relations Department to hire you has not changed, so you should report like normal on Monday."

However, Lu Man knew that it was definitely Han Zhuoli who had expressed his stand right away.

Otherwise, being a normal worker who had not started work yet, no matter how much ability she had, with Han Corporation being such a big company, they would not lack for talent and would not want to hire her who caused so much trouble.

After all, she was yet to start working officially, and her family members had gone over to cause trouble.

Moreover, no one knew how much more trouble she will cause once she starts working with them.

Hence, no matter how talented she was, the company would not want to hire her.

"Thank you," Lu Man was very clear-minded, "It's you who ordered it, right?"

Even Han Zhuoli did not deny it, "With me here, be at ease and work at my company."

Hearing what Han Zhouli said, Lu Man almost thought that the recruitment drive by Han Corporation was an opportunity especially created for her by Han Zhouli.

However, as soon as that thought came up, Lu Man instantly rejected it.

Lu Man wasn't full of her own importance and felt that she did not have what it takes the special treatment by Han Zhouli.

So why would Han Zhuoli help her?

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