Chapter 173: How Could Lu Man Even Attend Such a Grand Event?

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Du Lin looked at the food counters set up and asked Lu Man, "Would you like something to eat or drink? I can go get you some ice cream, cake or whatnot."

"No thanks, I can take it myself," Lu Man replied, smiling.

"Hey hey, don't move, I'm just looking after my little sister-in-law." Du Lin held Lu Man back. "What flavor would you like?"

"Um... I want chocolate, matcha and vanilla flavored ice cream. Can you also take a look if they have a black forest cake?" Lu Man smiled, since he was already treating her as his sister-in-law, she won't stand on ceremony with Du Lin either.

"You really like to eat chocolate, huh," Du Lin smiled and walked off.

In the meantime, Lu Man scanned the nameplates on the table. As Du Lin was a has-been celebrity, the celebrities arranged to share the table with him were also some not so popular artists.

Some of them only had a little fame, while some had been grinding for years but still weren't popular.

Lu Man was only bothered with observing the people at her table, and hence did not notice Lu Qiyuan entering along with Lu Qi and Xia Qingyang.

Unlike Lu Qi, everyone in the industry knew about Du Lin's real situation.

Besides, Du Lin was the nephew of a shareholder of Han Corporation, so Suo Wei definitely had to leave some face for Du Lin.

Whereas Lu Qi, she was not treated so well.

Even though Lu Qiyuan may have had some standing in the business world, his standing was not very high and his connections within the entertainment industry could barely compare to Du Lin's.

Moreover, the popularity of Lu Qi's recent scandal had yet to fade. So, it was already good enough for her to get an invite.

But that invitation was also due to Lu Qiyuan going about everywhere, asking and begging several people for it.

To expect Suo Wei to greet them herself?

That was just impossible.

"Dad, look, isn't that older sister?" Lu Qi saw Lu Man and her face scrunched up. She hurriedly tugged on Lu Qiyuan's shirt sleeve, getting him to look over.

Lu Qiyuan followed her line of sight and saw Lu Man.

"Why is Lu Man sitting at a place that's better than Qi Qi's?" Xia Qingyang gasped, shocked. She stared angrily at Lu Man.

Although the celebrities seated at Lu Man's table were not very popular, they were either recently debuted young actors with a good amount of fans or experienced, talented actors who were acclaimed for their acting skills in the industry.

Unlike Lu Qi, they may not be very popular, but their reputation was not stained in any way.

Whereas, Lu Qi may be a budding starlet but she still wasn't an A-list artist, so she would not have a seat near the stage. Moreover, with her scandal being popular even now, on, she would be arranged to sit at a sad, little corner by the side.

"No, it shouldn't be like that, how could Lu Man even attend such a grand event?" Xia Qingyang shook her head furiously, she was so angry that blood might start bursting out of her eyes any second now. "How could she attend? Where did she get an invitation card from?"

Even to get Lu Qi's invitation card, Lu Qiyuan had to put in tremendous efforts.

So Lu Man, a plain girl with no money or power, how could she have gotten an invite?

Did she honestly think that the Nan Yin Charity Night was a small family event, that anyone could just squeeze their way in?

"Didn't she get into Han Corporation's Public relations department? How could a mere white-collar employee like her have gotten the invitation?" Xia Qingyang felt more bitter the more she thought about it. Why was Lu Man everywhere!

Moreover, all those mega-stars like super A-listers and A-listers would attend this banquet as long as their schedule could make it.

Whereas Lu Man was just an ordinary person who could not get even more ordinary, how could she share a table with those celebrities?

"Mom, Older Sister might be here for work. Isn't she from the PR department? There are quite some celebrities here who listed under Han Corporation, so obviously she must have followed along. If anything happens here, she can react to them immediately. It's just that..." Lu Qi shook her disapprovingly, "It's just that she is here as a staff member. How could she sit at a table meant for guests? That's very wrong of her."

"Right, Qi Qi is right. Qi Qi is still the most understanding one." Xia Qingyang then said to Lu Qiyuan, "Qiyuan, Lu Man's behavior is making our family lose in the public!"

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