Chapter 172: It Hurts, Buddy

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This man was too dangerous. Being alone with him meant losing complete control over her body. Yet, in his embrace, she had long been charmed and smitten into a daze.

Lu Man wiggled her feet and legs. When she felt that she was back to normal, she took out her compact mirror that she always carried in her purse and put on some lipstick.

As Lu Man alighted, Zheng Tianming and Wu Lize happened to arrive at the same time too.

To his surprise, Wu Lize realized that Lu Man looked even more beautiful than when he last saw her at the office.

Both her eyes were blooming like cherry blossoms and glistening like water streaming slowly.

Wu Lize's eyes were fixated on her. He felt that he definitely did not look at Lu Man properly in the past.

"President, Lu Man." Zheng Tianming greeted, pointing towards the front, "In front is the red carpet that the celebrities will be walking on. We can just take another route away from it."

At first, the organizers had also arranged for Han Zhuoli to walk the red carpet, but Han Zhuoli simply refused.

He would not mind if he had to do it to promote new shows or for investments, but at a time like this, he did not really want to stand out.

Therefore, they quietly walked away from the red carpet onto another path towards the entrance of the banquet. After a short while, Du Lin arrived.

"Why are you here so early?" Zheng Tianming was curious. It wasn't his first time seeing celebrities walk the red carpet. Every time, they would be chased by the reporters, who would refuse to let them walk off without taking plenty of good shots and sometimes it would take even more time if they were caught by the hosts who would keep asking questions.

Du Lin smiled bitterly, "It hurts, buddy. It's not that you don't know either, I'm not popular anymore. The entertainment industry is the harshest, most power-hungry place that would trample on the weak and praise the strong. My news is already considered ancient news. There are still plenty of trendy celebrities behind me, they don't have the time to interview me now."

"It's fine, you will make your comeback very soon. Perhaps you should start worrying that by then there will be paparazzi tailing you every day, and reporters bothering you all the time," Lu Man said, trying to cheer him up. Her tone was light, but her immense confidence still shone through it.

This led Du Lin to gain a lot more confidence too. "Deal, with your words, I can entrust myself to you."

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli's fierce and piercing gaze shot at him. Du Lin hurriedly swallowed his words, "My career, I entrust you with my career."

Du Lin himself felt that it was strange too. He had clearly never worked with Lu Man before, yet seeing Lu Man standing here so confidently and at ease, he could believe that if Lu Man said she would do it, she would definitely be able to.

At that moment, the chief editor of Nan Yin Magazine and also the organizer of previous years' Nan Yin Charity Night, Suo Wei, came over to greet them.

"Mr. Han." Suo Wei was almost 40 years old. She wasn't pretty, but her presence would attract everyone, capturing their attention. "Du Lin, welcome, welcome."

"Sister Suo, thanks for inviting me this year." This year's charity night was the kick start for his return to the industry.

"What's there to thank? You're a good kid, I know that. Coincidentally there was this opportunity, so obviously I'll try my best to help with what I can," Suo Wei said, smiling.

"Manager Wu." Suo Wei was smooth and slick when it came to socializing, she left no corner untouched, paying attention even to Wu Lize. "I've never seen this lady before."

"This is Lu Man, a new employee from the public relations department. I've brought her here this time to take a look," Wu Lize explained proudly.

Suo Wei greeted Lu Man as well and brought them to their seats.

This time, they had already arranged everyone's seat and table according to the invitations.

Hence, Lu Man wasn't seated at the same table as Han Zhuoli but was arranged to be seated with Du Lin.

Therefore, Lu Man left with Du Lin.

There were only plates of fruits and some appetizers on the table right now, the actual meal had yet to begin.

But eating was no one's main purpose to come to the charity night.

It was a time to compare who donated more money, or compare where you stood when the group photo was taken.

On either side, there was a self-service buffet table, filled with alcohols, drinks, cake, ice-cream, etc.

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