Chapter 39: This Is Her Duty as an Older Sister, to Help Her Younger Sister

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Auntie Chai had hit at Xia Qingyang's sore spot, and thus Xia Qingyang hated Auntie Chai to death.

Yet in front of Lu Qiyuan, she acted pitifully forcing out some tears.

However, Xia Qingwei did not even bother to look at Xia Qingyang even once, and just bowed deeply towards Wu Zhiguo and Auntie Chai. "I'm very sorry, I have caused you to be caught up in this mess. Even though you're innocent, but after what has happened today, some people may doubt you. You have both been so kind, when Lu Man was too busy with work to come and visit, both of you always helped me with any problems. Yet such good people have been slandered like this. I am extremely sorry."

"It's, it's alright." Wu Zhiguo was originally a bit unhappy, but any anger he had was gone after Xia Qingwei's apology.

Anyway, this could not be blamed on Xia Qingwei.

"Old Chai is right, it's those people's thoughts are dirty, it has nothing to do with you both."

Initially, Xia Qingyang had wanted to act pitiful but had been cut off by Xia Qingwei, and hence could no longer continue acting pitiful.

Turning around, Xia Qingwei coldly looked at Lu Qiyuan.

On the contrary, after having not seen Xia Qingwei for so many years, he had not thought that she would have lost so much weight and her sickly demeanor invoked even more pity from onlookers that Xia Qingyang.

Initially, Lu Qiyuan had felt guilty towards Xia Qingwei and did not have the face to see her, not even daring to meet her cold gaze, that seemed as though she knew everything. This was one of the reasons he had never visited her throughout the years.

On the other hand, he thought that he could pretend to be like an ostrich hiding from its predator, that if he did not think about it or mentioned it, he could act like it never existed.

Yet now upon seeing her again, along with the guilt he had felt in the past, everything came rushing up and he did not even dare to meet Xia Qingwei's eyes.

Moreover, just as he met Xia Qingwei's eyes, seeing her looking at him so coldly, Lu Qiyuan felt like he had been burned and thus look away.

Seeing that the current situation was not good, Xia Qingyang stealthily pushed Lu Qiyuan. This made Lu Qiyuan turn around and meet Xia Qingyang tear-filled eyes.

"Qiyuan, Qi Qi is still waiting for you to save her," Xia Qingyang cried.

This immediately strengthened Lu Qiyuan's resolve, and he spoke loudly, "What are you waiting for? Take Lu Man away first!"

"Lu Qiyuan!" Xia Qingwei was so angry that the veins on her neck were popping out. "When we divorced, what did you promise me? You promised me that you would take care of Lu Man, you have already wronged me, but you would take good care of Lu Man! I thought that since we were no longer fated to be husband and wife and even though you had treated me so badly, I believed that since Lu Man is your biological daughter, it would not be the same. But what are you doing now! What right do you have to take her away!"

"She's the older sister, and this is her duty, as the older sister, to help her younger sister. Now that something had happened, she not only did not earnestly help her younger sister, but she also hid far away and caused her sister to be in trouble! What kind of older sister is she? With such evil intentions, how can I treat her well?" Lu Qiyuan said confidently.

"Help? Help with what? Help to create another ungrateful and vicious person? Back then, as an older sister, I wholeheartedly wanted to help my good younger sister, but in the end, she even stole my husband. Why did you not think that I was a good person back then?" Xia Qingwei said satirically, and turned to ask Lu Man, "What does he want you to help her with?"

However, Lu Man did not want Xia Qingwei to get even more agitated because if Xia Qingwei knew what Lu Qiyuan was doing, her body would not be able to take it.

"It's nothing much, I can solve it on my own. Mom, you're still sick, go back and rest." Lu Man tried to support Xia Qingwei, but Xia Qingwei pushed her hand away.

"You're in a dangerous position, how can I be at ease and go back to the hospital room to rest? Man Man , if you want me to be at ease, tell me the truth, what happened?" Xia Qingwei asked.

Yet Lu Man hesitated, trying to think of a way to tell her without agitating her too much.

However, Xia Qingwei anxiously stomped her foot. "Lu Man! Are you trying to lie to me? If you don't tell me the truth, I won't try to cure this illness anymore. What's the use of me staying alive if I can't even protect my own child?"

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