Chapter 68: I Was Bullied So Much in There

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The last sentence was probably Tang Zi's real motive. His words touched Lu Man, making a place in her heart and she agreed with his idea.

"Deal. Leave this to me." Tang Zi hung up the phone.


Two days later, Lu Qiyuan finally managed to get Xia Qingyang out of the police station.

When Xia Qingyang finally appeared at the entrance of the police station, Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi almost could not recognize her.

Xia Qingyang's branded clothes from head to toe were all wrinkled as if they were bought from a street stall. Her face was pale and devoid of any color. There were even dark circles beneath her eyes, which were bloodshot red. Even her face was sunken in, and her cheeks had become hollow.

Moreover, her skin that had always been carefully maintained also showed signs of aging now.

Even if it were only two days, at Xia Qingyang's age, not taking care of her skin for two days was equivalent to not taking care of it for two years. She looked very wan and sallow.

Lu Qiyuan was shocked. The lady in front of him had wrinkles all around her eyes. Was she really his wife Xia Qingyang?

How... how could she be this old!

Immediately, Lu Qiyuan felt a little disgust towards her.

When Xia Qingyang came out, she was almost blinded by the sunlight. But upon seeing Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi, she was so emotional that she did not even see the disgust in Lu Qiyuan's eyes and quickly ran towards them.

"Qiyuan, Qi Qi!" Xia Qingyang's hair was a complete mess. She had neither showered nor brushed for two days and once she spoke, they were repulsed by her bad breath.

Disgusted by it, Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi immediately stepped backwards disgustedly. Yet oblivious, Xia Qingyang hugged Lu Qiyuan and started crying, "Qiyuan, did you know? I was bullied so much in there. They clearly did not have any evidence, yet they kept asking me the same questions over and over again. They even shone a light directly at my eyes. They neither let me sleep nor gave me any water. As the shifts changed in the day and at night, they kept asking me the same questions every time. I'm about to go mad!"

Thus, whenever Xia Qingyang would see the entrance and the sign of the police station, she would start trembling in fear.

However, Lu Qiyuan did not listen to even a single word of hers. After having being detained for two days, other than her bad breath, even Xia Qingyang's hair was oily and very smelly.

Lu Qiyuan forced himself to hide his discomfort and said, "Get on the car first. We'll talk when we get back home."

Lu Qi supported and held onto Xia Qingyang who was crying and wailing as she walked.

When they were just about to get onto the car, a crowd of reporters appeared out of nowhere, rushing up to them like a pack of wolves.

They crazily took a ton of pictures of Lu Qi and Xia Qingyang.

"Lu Qi did you come to the police station because of the incident where you slept around and injured someone?"

"Xia Qingyang, apparently you ordered a thief to break into someone's house and rob them. Why would you do that?"

"Say something, Lu Qi! All the netizens are chasing you to leave the entertainment industry. What's your decision?"

"Go away! Go away!" Seeing all the reporters surrounding Lu Qi, Xia Qingyang quickly shielded Lu Qi from them.

Whereas, Lu Qiyuan quickly opened the car door and pushed Lu Qi in.

However, Xia Qingyang was drowned by the sea of reporters.

"With the Lu family's fortune, why did you order someone to break into someone's home and steal their money?"

"I didn't! I didn't!" Xia Qingyang stretched out her hand, trying to push the reporter away.

However, with so many people around and her mind at the brink of exhaustion after being detained for two days, her actions were uncoordinated. She barely even touched the reporter's clothes.

"I've heard that it was Lu Man's mother's home that was broken into this time. Lu Man's mother just so happens to be Lu Qiyuan's ex-wife too. Why would you hire someone to steal your husband's ex-wife's money?"

"You're spouting rubbish! What evidence do you have!" Xia Qingyang shrieked.

She knew that it was definitely Lu Man who had sent all these people here. That girl wanted to tarnish her reputation and harm her!

"I've heard that the money that was almost stolen was 100,000 yuan. This is the exact sum needed for Lu Man's mother's operation." Another reporter asked, "Why are you trying to harm Lu Qiyuan's ex-wife?"

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