Chapter 8: Has Your Ex-Boyfriend Ever Seen You Like This?

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Han Zhuoli breath was hot, and his voice raspy. "Then you must have had a misunderstanding about yourself."

This kind of wonderful woman, to whom was she not alluring?

Her ex-boyfriend was simply an idiot for leaving such a stunning woman, for the pretentious Lu Qi.

Suddenly, he thought of something. With his eyes darkening, he asked, "Has your ex-boyfriend ever seen you like this?"


Startled by Han Zhouli's sudden question, Lu Man did not get time to think before she spontaneously blurted out the truth. "No."

He Zhengbai had never even seen her body, much less to say taking it further.

Pleased with her answer, Han Zhuoli smiled in satisfaction, moving forward to kiss her on her lips again.

Lu Man's eyes widened in surprise, she wanted to push him away. However, she found that he had somehow managed to hold her hand in place, and she could not even move to push him away.

All she could taste in her mouth was him, and the contrasting heat and cool minty taste made her head burn as if it was on fire.

When he finally let go of her, Lu Man's chest rose unsteadily, her breaths heavy. Being pressed so close to his chest, the feeling of skin touching skin made her feel weird all over.

Her skin was so white that it seemed as if she was entirely covered in layers of powder.

Han Zhuoli's black eyes were clouded, he was not able to restrain himself from looking at her, from head to toe, and did not feel tired of looking at her at all.

However, just now, in front of the police, she had kissed him, but it was only a slight peck with their lips touching just for a second and nothing further.

Yet that soft and luscious feeling was something he could not forget easily.

It was just that she had moved away too fast, and he had no chance to savour it.

Now that he had thoroughly tried it again, he found the taste of her lips was very delicious, much better than he had imagined.

"When you wanted to make use of me, you stripped naked and even embraced willingly, but now that you no longer have a use for me, you're pretending as if nothing has happened just now."

Han Zhuoli sneered. "What do you take me for, to let you go away so easily and also to let you make use of me whenever you want?"

Lu Man silently disagreed, he was the one who stripped her, and if it was that easy to make use of him then she would not be stuck in his arms right now, unable to escape.

However, Lu Man did not dare to provoke him further, especially given the current situation.

She instantly smiled at him, trying to please him as she said, "Young Master Han, why do you want to haggle with a nobody? Who doesn't know you? The CEO of the Han Corporation. The Han Corporation owns more than half of the entertainment circle. If you stomp your feet, many entertainment companies in our country would collapse. How can I be gutsy enough to make use of you?"

Not to mention, the Han Family originated from the Han Country, one of the seven powers during the Warring States Period. In fact, Han Zhuoli was actually a noble, much more aristocratic than those who claimed to be a nobility nowadays. He truly descended from the Zhou dynasty.

His family had a very deep-rooted history. It was said that each family among the eight prominent families had artifacts that had been passed down from the Zhou dynasty, ranging from literature pieces to antiques.

Even if one was to calculate the value of such artifacts, it would by far surpass that of museums!

Even among the artifacts displayed at the museum, many of them were borrowed from eight families.

As for the Han Corporation, it was a big company in the entertainment industry that could not be opposed even if the rest all companies in the entertainment industry were to work together.

Thus the Han Corporation was like an imperial court, and Han Zhuoli was like the Emperor of this imperial court.

Lu Man's expression was one of flattery and worship, and Han Zhuoli laughed in disbelief.

Having witnessed the situation just now, he knew this woman was too sly. This woman was too sly.

Raising an eyebrow he asked, "What had happened next door?"

He knew that there was a director in the room next door, who was one of the top 10 directors in the country right now. His shows sold well and were usually rated quite highly.

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