Chapter 56: Lu Qiyuan Subconsciously Froze.

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Besides, Xia Qingwei only found out about what Xia Qingyang had done after she had brought Lu Qi along to meet Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingyang had knelt before Xia Qingwei and had cried profusely, saying that she had let Xia Qingwei down. She had even begged for Xia Qingwei to let her be with Lu Qiyuan, or else she would commit suicide right in front of Xia Qingwei as she was too ashamed to face her.

Moreover, Lu Qi, who had been calling 'Auntie' for all these years, became her own husband's daughter out of the blue. It was expected of Xia Qingwei to have gotten extremely livid.

However, who would have known that Lu Qiyuan would chance upon Xia Qingyang kneeling and begging. He immediately reprimanded Xia Qingwei for bullying Xia Qingyang, and in a fit of anger, he decided to divorce her then and there.

Xia Qingwei was a prideful woman and since she knew that his heart was long gone, she did not even try to stop him and signed the papers without a fuss.

Lu Man smiled coldly. It's true that a crying child would always be fed first.

Moreover, a man is influenced by the company he keeps. Since Lu Qiyuan has lived together with Xia Qingyang for so many years, how could he not have been influenced?

Also, Lu Qiyuan must be blind to believe that Xia Qingyang was like a weak, gentle and pitiful little flower.

As Lu Man went out of the room, she left the door open as Xia Qingwei had told her.

Standing at the door, she saw two men holding back Lu Qiyuan, not letting him enter the room.

"Lu Man!" When Lu Qiyuan saw Lu Man, he could no longer hold back the anger that had piled up within him. "You unfilial creature! I don't care if you don't wish to help the family out, but how dare you try to plot against us!"

Thus, Lu Man did not play dumb either. "That was considered as plotting against you? I was just trying to protect my own rights, that's all. If you did not have any ill-intentions behind your word, why would they have been recorded? Now, if you want to talk about plotting, all of you were the ones who tried plotting against me first. Why? Is that only you are allowed to plot against me, but I'm not allowed to reveal your scheme?"

"How dare you still have the face to admit it!" It looked like she was completely unapologetic, and in fact, even pleased with herself.

"How could I have given birth to a bastard creature like you!" Lu Qiyuan raised his hand, planning to slap Lu Man on the face.

In her previous life, the only time that Lu Qiyuan laid a hand on Lu Man was when she had gone to the Lu family house and had hit Lu Qi. But that was after she was released from jail and found out that Xia Qingwei had already passed away. But Lu Qiyuan had hit her just to make her let go of Lu Qi.

However, in this life, Lu Qiyuan had already slapped her indiscriminately on her face a long time ago.

Moreover, when he had slapped her, there was not even a slight hesitation about hitting his own biological daughter. It was as if his heart felt no guilt.

"Lu Qiyuan!" Ignoring her own injuries, Xia Qingwei rushed out furiously. "Who are you calling a bastard! You are the bastard instead! What right do you have to scold Lu Man!"

Hearing Xia Qingwei's voice, Lu Qiyuan subconsciously froze. However, his hand was already held back by the bodyguards Han Zhuoli had left behind.

Thus, even if Xia Qingwei had not said anything, not say a word, it was impossible for him to even lay a finger on Lu Man.

"Mom!" Lu Man quickly rushed over to help Xia Qingwei. "Why did you come out? Quick, go back to the bed and lie down."

Seeing that Xia Qingwei's breath was rushed and uneven, Lu Man became extremely anxious. "Mom, you have always told me to not let you worry. Also, if I had hidden anything from you, you would have definitely gotten furious. If I hid anything from you, you would be angry with me. But what about now? I'm also angry and displeased that you are being so reckless with your body! Hurry back now!"

Xia Qingwei held onto her wound. Thankfully, it did not open. "Alright, alright, alright. I'll go back now. Don't be angry."

Without even sparing a glance at Lu Qiyuan, Lu Man helped Xia Qingwei back to her bed, making sure that her wound was indeed alright.

Then, she heard Lu Qiyuan shouting at the door, "Who exactly are you people! Let me in!"

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