Chapter 156: She Will Never Be My Competitor, Ever.

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"Lu Man," Dai Yiran pulled her over, smiling. "What is your proposal? You're so confident that it will be approved?"

"I've prepared two proposals just in case. The one on the computer is the one that I'm most satisfied with. The other was the initial draft that I had just submitted. The one that I'm most satisfied with can't be recovered, so never mind, beggars can't be choosers, I'll just have to use the other one." Lu Man appeared unhappy. It was obvious that she was not satisfied with the one she had just submitted.

Dai Yiran's eyes glinted. "So you're saying, that the one that's on your computer is different from the one you have just submitted?"

Lu Man did not deny or agree, but Dai Yiran took her silence as agreement.

She instantly let out a sigh of relief.

While Lu Man was pulled aside by Dai Yiran, Ye Xiaoxing tried to take the pen drive with the virus away.

Yet, who knew that Lu Man would turn around right after speaking, and stretch out her hand, grabbing grabbed the pen drive.

Ye Xiaoxing was dumbfounded, her mouth agape. "Lu Man, since this pen drive isn't yours, why did you take it?"

"Then, is it yours?" Lu Man asked, her eyes narrowed.

"Of course not," Ye Xiaoxing hurriedly denied.

"Then why do you care why I'm taking it away?" Lu Man threw the question back at her and placed the pen drive in her bag.

"But this isn't yours," Ye Xiaoxing looked at her, confused.

Dai Yiran quietly scolded her as an idiot. Was Ye Xiaoxing trying to tell the whole world that this pen drive was related to her!

"Xiaoxing is probably trying to help you check what is going on with this pen drive," Dai Yiran hastily said.

"Right, right!" Ye Xiaoxing finally reacted, anxiously trying to salvage the situation. "I know someone who's extremely skilled in this area. I'll take it and help you get it checked."

"It's fine, I know someone who's well-versed in this area too, I can get it checked on my own." Lu Man stared at her intensely, "Nonetheless, this was plugged into my computer CPU."

To be honest, Lu Man did not even plan to get it checked.

What was there to check?

There was a virus in there that could destroy all the files on her computer.

From Dai Yiran's reaction, perhaps it could even automatically send the files over to Dai Yiran. It was not impossible.

Anyway, this matter was definitely Dai Yiran's doing. From the look on Ye Xiaoxing's face, Lu Man knew that she was an accomplice too.

Therefore, there was honestly nothing that needed to be investigated.

Lu Man did not feel burdened at all. She packed up her items and got off work. Ye Xiaoxing, however, was almost scared to death.

Whereas, Dai Yiran desperately wanted to give Ye Xiaoxing a slap on the face to calm her down. "Calm down! Lu Man still doesn't know anything. If you give anything away, don't blame me for not protecting you!"

"I'm scared she will find out something!" Ye Xiaoxing replied anxiously.

"There's just a virus in the pen drive. What could she possibly find out from there?" Dai Yiran said furiously, "If you can't control yourself, take a day off tomorrow! Don't drag me down!"

"I... I understand..." Ye Xiaoxing was still relying on Dai Yiran to protect her if anything was to go wrong. Realizing that Dai Yiran was infuriated, she hurriedly tried to appease her. "Yiran, I have to congratulate you in advance. You have succeeded in defeating Lu Man. After tomorrow, there will be no Lu Man in Han Corporation."

Dai Yiran smiled coldly, "Who is she even that I have to take her into consideration? Isn't it logical and a piece of cake that I've defeated her?"

"Yes, yes, that's right." Ye Xiaoxing hurriedly tried to please her, "It's all thanks to you that we can chase Lu Man out. If not, with her around in the office, we would all feel disgusted and nauseous."

Dai Yiran felt smug. "Who is Lu Man to even fight with me? She doesn't have the ability! I'll have her know that she will never be my competitor, ever."

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