Chapter 178: You Are Not Actually Invited

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"You want to continue talking rubbish?" Han Zhuoli quickly approached and kicked Lu Qiyuan, shoving him to the ground.

No matter how much Lu Qiyuan struggled, it was of no use. Infuriated, he could only scold Lu Man harshly, "Are you blind? Can you not see how he's treating me!"

Lu Man just laughed mockingly and looked up at the ceiling.

She really could believe the sudden turn of events.

"You unfilial daughter!" Lu Qiyuan was furious.

"Brother Han, why is it such a mess there? What's going on?" Nan Jingheng asked over the phone.

"You might already know about Qi's recent scandal, so just help your brother out and ask Lu Qi and her parents to leave. Also in the future, don't invite such people to the charity night," Han Zhuoli said coldly.

"Alright," Han Zhouli's request was just a simple one for Nan Jingheng.

Lu Qi was an insignificant person, she was not worth his time.

Even if it was a superstar, in their eyes, they were only a small celebrity.

Much less to say Lu Qi.

"Send some people to the bathroom area immediately, Lu Qiyuan is here, and seeing the current situation, he is unlikely to leave on his own," Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Qiyuan instantly stood up, he was so angry that he was trembling, "What right do you have to chase us away? Just because you are Han Zhuoli you can do whatever you want?"

"You can tell this to the media, that's no problem, I'll wait and see which media company dares to publish it," Han Zhuoli saw through Lu Qiyuan's thoughts, "Also, if you want Lu Qi to disappear from the entertainment circle, you can continue yelling now."

Lu Qiyuan face turned red, and he instantly stopped talking and became as quiet as a mouse.

Lu Man smiled coldly, she did not think that Lu Qiyuan was really such a benevolent father.

For Lu Qi, he could let himself be wronged.

Not long after, two security officers from the reception rushed over and dragged Lu Qiyuan away from there, making him leave the venue.

"I have an invitation, what right do you all have to act like this!" Lu Qiyuan immediately started yelling.

But all he could do was yell loudly as he really could not afford to offend Han Zhouli or Nan Jingheng.

At that moment, two other security guards also went towards Lu Qi's table.

"Why is your dad not here yet?" Xia Qingyang was looking around for Lu Qiyuan.

"It must be that Lu Man refuses to listen," since there were quite a lot of people seated at her table, she could not speak without restraint and hence lowered her voice, "Who knows what method she used this time, it must have been hard for her to get to this banquet, how could she agree to leave so easily?"

"Madam Lu, Miss Lu," At that instant, Suo Wei brought two security guards over.

"Older Sister Suo," Lu Qi instantly stood up, surprised on seeing Suo Wei greet her. Since Suo Wei had neglected them earlier, she really did not expect Suo Wei to personally come over and greet her later.

Lu Qi could not help but straighten her back gloatingly, she was just ranked lowly for a short while, but now it seemed that her position in the entertainment circle still existed.

Suo Wei smiled and spoke in such a polite manner that no one could find anything weird about her request. "Madam Lu, Miss Lu, may I ask that you step outside for a minute."

Even though there were two security guards following behind, Lu Qi did not even suspect anything because of Suo Wei's politeness and willing followed Suo Wei out of the venue along with Xia Qingyang.

"Miss Lu, I apologize, but this time, the organizers have made a mistake, you are actually not invited, I'll have people send you off immediately." Suddenly Suo Wei's tone changed, and she was not very polite like before, after all, she was well known in the fashion circle, and even A-list celebrities have to be polite to her.

So even if Lu Qi hated her because of this, she did not care.

Furthermore, this time, she had received direct orders from Nan Jingheng.

Moreover, Nan Jingheng even had a bit of a blaming tone, because she was the one who was responsible for the invites, reprimanding her on how could she let the scandal-ridden Lu Qi, a celebrity with personal morals be invited!

Because of this, Suo Wei also blamed Lu Qi.

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