Chapter 72: Without Arousing Lu Man's Suspicion

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Xia Qingwei really could not stand it anymore and chased him away while continuing laughing, "Enough enough, Man Man quickly take him away. If he stays here and continues talking, otherwise my wounds are bound to split open from all my laughing."

Tang Zi took the opportunity to take Lu Man outside.

"This is what you had me investigate concerning Liu Musen, I had a close friend who is a policeman find this information. He could not give me the case file, but he could tell me some of the insider information," Since Liu Musen was just a small thug, and did not have importance or much influence, revealing some information was alright.

"Thank you so much, you've helped me a lot," Lu Man took over the case file, however, she did not immediately take a look at it.

"Hey!" Tang Zi said, "Why are you acting polite with me? Oh, by the way, I've already found you out why you are still unemployed even after sending your resumes to several companies."

Yes, Lu Man had long ago felt that something was wrong.

Yet she was still kept applying to jobs related to film and television companies and management companies.

Even if she was not that good, it was impossible that not even a single company would want her.

Thus, she had asked Tang Zi to help find out more.

As a paparazzi, Tang Zi's eyes and ears in this entertainment industry were not exaggerated.

He had already found the answer, "It's your crazy father."

After saying that, Tang Zi smiled in an embarrassed way, "Please don't mind that I talked about him like that."

No matter how bad Lu Qiyuan was, he was still Lu Man's father, her blood-related relative, who had given birth to her and taken care of her.

Talking about her father like that, it was indeed not courteous.

But Tang Zi was unable to restrain himself, what kind of father was Lu Qiyuan?

Lu Man laughed in self-mockery, "It's nothing, although it is a bit unfilial for me to say this, I really don't mind when other people scold him."

"Alright, so now when I scold him in the future I won't hold back," Seeing that Lu Man did not mind it, Tang Zi relaxed and said, "The reason why you have not been hired yet is all due to Lu Qiyuan's doing. Whether it's your family business, the 'Lu Corporation' or the company your dad opened for Lu Qi, Yi Lu Culture, they both have quite a lot of connections. Moreover, you are only trying to find a job in a management company or a film and television company and Yi Lu Culture knows quite a lot of people in these industries. They've already talked to these companies and made sure they don't hire you. To them, this is just a small matter that they'll help each other with provided it doesn't cause them any losses, hence all those companies have agreed."

"As for some of the bigger companies, your dad talked to the HR within the companies, so naturally, you're eliminated from the selection," the more Tang Zi said, the angrier he got, how could not believe there was indeed such a disgusting person, "Anyway since those companies are very large, quite a few of those small group leaders have their own authority to do things, and stopping a resume is a mere thing for them as no one looks into it, and even if others get to know, nothing bad will happen to them."

Lu Man's heart sank, "Then I'll have to try for other kinds of jobs."

it was just that she was totally unfamiliar with other industries and had no experience and hence she had no advantage over her competitors.

"Don't be anxious, I just got some good news, the 'Han Corporation' is also hiring," Tang Zi said.

Hiding in a corner, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui were working hard to reduce their presence and were listening intently.

They had initially been thinking hard about how to have Lu Man go for an interview at the Han Corporation and complete the task Young Master Han had given to them without arousing Lu Man's suspicion. However, they had not anticipated that Tang Zi would say it first and reduce their troubles.

"Han Corporation?" when Lu Man heard that name, the first thing she thought of was Han Zhuoli.

Even though she herself felt that she did not have any relation with Han Zhuoli, but to actually go to the Han Corporation for work still felt a bit weird.

However, Lu Man then thought, there was no use thinking so much right now.

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