Chapter 145: If It Hurts, That Means It Isn't a Dream

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Lu Man looked at him, surprised. He could kiss her, but how could he bite her!

Still nibbling on her lips, he laughed lowly and quietly.

His voice rang like metal and jade hitting on each other. His breath blew lightly on her lips and almost slithered its way into her mouth.

"Does it hurt?" Han Zhuoli squinted his eyes happily.

"Why don't you give it a try too?" Lu Man immediately bit him too.

However, Han Zhuoli did not feel any pain at all. She had used only a little amount of force as if she was afraid of hurting him.

"If it hurts, that means it isn't a dream." Han Zhuoli caved in and kissed her lips adoringly.

His embrace was so tight, yet so hot.

His chest and elbows were as hard as rocks.

When he kissed her, he was so serious, and the touch felt very realistic.

When he bit her, the pain was real too.

Lu Man knew that this was not a dream, but she still felt uneasy.

Perhaps it was because she was too unfortunate in her previous life, so once she received this little bit more of luck, she was rather terrified.

Finally, after Lu Man's lips and tongue were all numb from his kiss, he released her.

Then Han Zhuoli drove the car to the entrance of the hospital block again and lowered his head, looking at his current state. He sighed, resigned, "With my current state, it doesn't seem appropriate to meet Auntie."

Lu Man turned and took a look at him, "..."

The tent in his pants was indeed too big. It was bulging and tenting. Lu Man eyes burnt and she quickly looked away.

Suddenly the temperature in the car rose steeply.

Lu Man was completed flustered and hurriedly opened the car door as if she were running away. "I'll head off first then, bye bye."

Even after getting off the car, through the dark car window, she could still feel Han Zhuoli's heated gaze chasing after her closely.

Lu Man's heart was racing furiously. When she darted into the hospital, she almost lost her balance.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli waited for Lu Man's figure to leave completely from his sight, then let out a doting smile.

He then lowered his head and looked at his current state. Feeling resigned, he sighed again.

Why couldn't he just resist Lu Man?


When Lu Man returned to the hospital room, Xia Qingwei had already laid down on the bed.

When she heard the sound of the door opening, Xia Qingwei looked towards her. "Man Man, you're back."

"Mom, why aren't you asleep yet?" Lu Man walked over. "I thought I told you not to wait for me."

Xia Qingwei sat up slowly. "I don't do much in the day either. I've been lying down for an entire day already, so I don't feel very sleepy now either. As you had not returned till now, I was thinking about you."

Since only the both of them were in the hospital room right now Lu Man changed her clothes right there.

Xia Qingwei asked, "Why are you so busy when it's just the second day of work? Are you being bullied by your colleagues?"

"No, don't worry. It's just that I didn't specialize in that particular field. It was really all thanks to luck that I've managed to get hired by the public relations department. That's why I'm trying to familiarise myself with all the previous cases and learn from them. I can't be a burden to the others," Lu Man explained.

"You're right." Xia Qingwei did not suspect her. "Besides, Xiao Han is there too. He'll definitely not let you get bullied."

Lu Man felt strange. Xia Qingwei had only met Han Zhuoli twice, why did she trust him so much?


The next day, Lu Man went to the office. As expected, Ye Xiaoxing handed her another stack of files once again.

Ye Xiaoxing and Dai Yiran both had a smug look on their face as if what they were doing could use up all of Lu Man's time such that she would not have the time to think about the proposal for Du Lin's case at all.

However, to them, it may be considered as menial work, but to Lu Man, all these files were important learning opportunities.

Moreover, she was not specialized in their field and had some gaps in knowledge and skills. Hence, these files were perfect for her to gain a lot more insight in this field within a short span of time.

However, before Ye Xiaoxing and Dai Yiran could be smug for long, Zheng Tianming brought another stack of files over.

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