Chapter 70: Once She Can't Even Afford to Pay

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Xia Qingyang looked disappointed and aggrieved. "Qiyuan, don't blame me for being angry. I've never hurt her before, so why did she try to scheme against me like this? Why is she so evil! From now on, please don't blame me for not treating her as a daughter!"

"She was the one who decided not to treat us like family first, I don't blame you." The more Lu Qiyuan thought about it, the angrier he became, He slammed his teacup back down onto the saucer. "Now that she's older and able to do things independently and on her own, I, as her father, am unable to stop her anymore! That damn child sure is smart! If she can scheme against you today, tomorrow she can scheme against me too! That ungrateful thing has never treated us like family! Only Xia Qingwei treats her like a treasure. I want to see, how will Xia Qingwei end up when Lu Man stays with her!"

"She indeed went too overboard this time. We always treat her like family but she doesn't. What a waste of raising her up all these years and treating her as the Lu family's young mistress. Everyone else is worried that they can't find a job after graduating. But what about her? Before she has even graduated, we've already arranged for her to have a job in the company," Xia Qingyang said unashamedly.

When clearly it was her and Lu Qiyuan who forced Lu Man to have to quit school, yet she twisted her words and said that even before graduating Lu Man already had a stable job.

This "stable job" in their company was to work as Lu Qi's assistant rather be her servant.

If Lu Man was here right now, she would definitely give her two big slaps on the face.

Xia Qingyang really knew how to bend the truth!

"That ungrateful and useless thing!" Lu Qiyuan hit the sofa furiously.

"Qiyuan, we gave her money, let her have a good life, yet this is how she tries to harm us." Xia Qingyang saw that she had managed to infuriate Lu Qiyuan sufficiently. "This time, we should give her a stern punishment, if not you really wouldn't be able to handle her. I'm fine with it, since I'm not her biological mother, and neither has she ever respected me. Maybe she can't even wait for me to drop dead."

"Mom!" Lu Qi cried tearfully, "Don't curse yourself like that."

Xia Qingyang patted Lu Qi's hand. "I'm not cursing myself, but that's exactly what Lu Man wants. These two days in the police station, I suffered so much and I was always worried that I would never get to see you two ever again. I don't understand exactly why Lu Man is so cruel. Qiyuan, I'm alright, but you're her father. It's fine if she doesn't respect me, but she can't be disrespectful towards you too! No matter what happens, it's still the same, you can't be humiliated by others. Now that this matter is getting even more blown up online, so when you head out you will get humiliated by others, but even your own daughter couldn't care less about it."

This was also the reason that angered Lu Qiyuan the most. When he was discussing business matters with others, every single person he met would ask a question or two about Lu Man.

To Lu Qiyuan, Lu Qi was his most obedient daughter. All this was Lu Man's fault.

"Hmph, since I can give her all these, I can take them all back too. Just like how I can let her have a home and a job, I can also let her be so poor that she'd even be starving! Doesn't she think that it's unfair for her to be Qi Qi's assistant? Ha, then I'll make it such that she can't even be an assistant! Even if she tries to find another job, she also won't be able too! I may not have a lot of influence, but it's enough to cause her to starve in City B. By then, once she can't even afford to pay for Xia Qingwei's follow-up medical treatment, she will have to listen to us obediently!" Lu Qiyuan said smugly and wickedly.


Till now, Lu Man still did not know about Lu Qiyuan's evil plan. These past few days, she was indeed applying for jobs.

However, even after applying to several companies, there was either a rejection email or no response at all. She did not even have a chance to go for a written assessment or an interview.

Right now, in the afternoon, while Xu Hui was guarding by the hospital door, Zhou Cheng stealthily went to the hospital's entrance.

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