Chapter 52: Who Cares About How Han Zhuoli Looks at Her

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"Look at yourself, you're scared that I'll be wronged, but for me, you'll let yourself be wronged. Yet Lu Man doesn't care one bit if I'm being wronged or not, or if I feel bad or not. Moreover, with that kind of behavior, she still has the cheek to blame me for being biased?" Lu Qiyuan felt touched by Lu Qi's sensibility but he was also angry as Lu Man had disregarded their familial ties.

"Dad, don't say it like that. I think that older sister is just unhappy with how well you've treated me all these years. Because, before I came into the family, she was the Lu family princess, your only daughter, and enjoyed your sole doting on her. However, when I came, I took a part of that affection, and thus she's unhappy, feeling that, I have stolen her position. I can understand that very well," Lu Qi said. Although it looked like she was trying to console Lu Qiyan, she was actually speaking ill of Lu Man, making him even angrier.

"Hmph! You already said it, before you came, she had already enjoyed so many years of being doted on as the only daughter, so what's wrong with giving you some affection? She has already gotten so many years of affection and has even enjoyed much more advantages, as a Lu family daughter, than you, so what does she feel is unfair?? You have suffered so many grievances, so of course, I have to treat you better. She doesn't even understand such simple logic. Honestly, she's being selfish and even has a bad temper. Just like now, no matter what we say, she will still refuse to help you!" Lu Qiyuan became extremely furious as he spoke.

Should Lu Qiyuan be called stupid?

No, He was not stupid.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to develop such a big family business.

Moreover, it did not matter whether it was a small or a large business, if one did not have the ability to do business, they would only lose money.

Since Lu Qiyuan could develop the business so big, making Lu family very rich he was definitely not stupid, otherwise, he would have long been scammed out of his money by people.

Yet even if a person was smart when it came to business, it did not mean that he was smart in all other aspects of life.

Nonetheless, Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi could act very well and had been continuously badmouthing Lu Man in front of Lu Qiyuan all these years, completely brainwashing Lu Qiyuan.

Furthermore, in the past, Lu Man was also not the kind of person who would hide things and with her bad temper, she would often explode with Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi's provocations. Also, being unaware of Lu Qi's true identity, she would constantly blame Lu Qiyuan for being unfair and would always fall into the traps set by Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi.

Moreover, a person would eventually get convinced about something, if someone was continuously saying it next to his ear every single day.

"Qi Qi, don't do foolish things, dad will definitely not let you go to jail." Lu Qiyuan said.

"Dad." Moved by his words, she could not bear to part with Lu Qiyuan. Looking at him, she said sincerely, "Dad, thank goodness I have you, you're so good to me."

On the contrary, Lu Man would never immerse herself in admiration for him and tell him such things, it was only Lu Qi, who would do this.

Feeling grateful for his younger daughter's closeness to him, Lu Qiyuan's expression warmed up even more.


On the other hand, Lu Man did not know that currently Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi were bad-mouthing her again. However, even if she knew right now, she would not pay any heed to it.

Anyway, after so many years, she was already used to it and it was nothing new for her.

Moreover, right now her whole mind was on Han Zhuoli. She could really not fathom his thoughts.

Did he belittle her so much that he would flippantly kiss her every time they met?

Annoyed, Lu Man contemplated whether it was due to her conduct the first time they had met; she had removed all her clothes covering herself only with a towel and had actively buried herself in Han Zhouli's embrace; moreover, she even had taken the initiative to kiss him, which may have left an impression being an easy woman and hence he felt that he could take liberties with her.

Disturbed by these thoughts, Lu Man kept tossing and turning, unable to sleep on the small temporary folding bed beside Xia Qingwei's bed.

It was only until the sun had started to rise that Lu Man decided not to think about it anymore as anyway after returning the money to Han Zhuoli, there would not be many opportunities for them to meet each other again.

Moreover, as the money would be returned through Alipay, they won't need to meet in person.

Who cares about how Han Zhuoli looks at her!

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