Chapter 81: If It's not given to her, She Will Snatch It

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You Lili frowned. "You are Lu Man's father, what do you have to do with our manager? If you don't have an appointment and you're unwilling to tell us the reason why you want to meet our manager, I can't inform him adequately."

This person must be crazy!

Who did he think he was, thinking that he could meet Manager Wu whenever he wanted!

Could it be that he wanted her to tell him, "Manager Wu, because this person is Lu Man's father, he has to see you."

How shameless was that!

"I'm just asking you to convey my message to him, what kind of attitude is this! You're so inflexible. Why would Han Corporation hire someone like you? If you were in our company, you'd definitely be fired. No, you probably wouldn't even be hired!" Lu Qiyuan shouted the odds.

You Lili laughed mockingly. "If I could get into such a big company like Han Corporation, would I even care about your company? I wouldn't go even if you wanted me to!"

This person was Lu Man's father?

Who was he!

He was an outright lunatic!

Earlier, Lu Man seemed to be rather well-mannered and polite. But why was her father like this?

You Lili couldn't help but deeply question Lu Man's character.

"How could you speak like this! Is this how the Han Coorporation treats its visitors?" Lu Qiyuan was infuriated.

Wu Lize could hear the ruckus even in his office. Hence he walked out and frowned when he saw Lu Qiyuan refusing to give in.

"Xiao You, what's the matter?" Wu Lize asked.

You Lili looked unhappy. "This mister here does not have an appointment, and he refused to say exactly why he wanted to meet you. He just kept insisting that he is Lu Man's father and has to meet you no matter what."

"Manager Wu, your department's employees are useless! How could they have entered Han Media Company at this standard! They're so rude to visitors. I even thought that all employees in Han Media Company behave like this!" LU Qiyuan's words made the other colleagues who heard it uncomfortable too.

By now, You Lili's was beyond infuriated, yet she unwillingly bit back her tongue.

This person must certainly be a lunatic!

He came to another company's department and was ordering their employees about!

"Haha." Wu Lize was speechless too. "Head back first, Xiao You. It's fine."

You Lili nodded, however, her heart was filled with blame towards Lu Man.

Upon hearing what Wu Lize said,, Lu Qiyuan was unhappy.

"Mr Lu, right? Please come with me to the office." Wu Lize led the two of them into the office and closed the door. "Why were you looking for me?"

"My daughter Lu Man just came here for an interview. I've heard that you are hiring her?" Lu Qiyuan asked directly.

"Yes. Lu Man has a talent in this area. She has quick instincts, is creative and is reliable." Wu Lize could not hide his admiration for her.

Needless to say, Lu Man had such a presence that as long as she was there, no matter how big the problem was, others would still feel at ease and comfortable.

That was extremely important for the public relations department.

Moreover, the public relations department was in charge of the various public relations crisis of artists. Thus things would often happen all of a sudden, causing everybody to go into a nervous wreck and the situation would always turn into a huge mess.

However, in the future, with Lu Man around, this situation should probably improve quite a bit.

"She is indeed very creative. She framed her own sister, tried to defame her. She can't stand having anything good happen to her sister. I'm reminding you, if she really works for you here, she would definitely ruin the atmosphere here. Before it's too late, you should quickly change your mind."

"It's my right whoever I want to hire. Lu Man has the ability and I believe that she's not the person you say she is. I believe in my own judgement too," Wu Lize said firmly.

"Ha, is your belief better than her family who has lived with her for 22 years? She did not even graduate from university yet Han Media Company still wants her? She doesn't even respect her parents back at home and goes about trying to drive a wedge between our relationships. She even used all sorts of underhand methods. She wants everything that her younger sister has. If it's not given to her, she will snatch it; if she can't snatch it, she will steal it; if she can't steal it, she will ruin it."

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