Chapter 123: Do You Know What I'm Thinking of Doing the Most Right Now?

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"You said so too, there are plenty of women who like me, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You don't really have any particular feature that stands out. But why do I like you then? It's just because even I can't understand why, and somehow I still like you."

Lu Man's face was burning red.

With what he said just now, Han Zhuoli's behavior all along finally had some explanation.

"But I don't intend to fall in love again or start a new relationship," Lu Man said quietly, lowering her gaze.

She had been through two lifetimes and the impact that Lu Qiyuan and He Zhengbai had on her was twice as much.

In both her lives, because of the two men closest to her, she really could not have every confidence in any man ever.

It could be said that they had already left a deep scar on her heart.

Lu Man smiled bitterly. She did not realize earlier, yet when the matter finally hit her, she realized that she had long since been afraid of having any feelings.

"I think that I'm doing pretty well the way I am now. I can focus on taking care of my mother. Other than that, I don't really want to consider anything like relationships." Lu Man stared at her fingertips, afraid of looking at Han Zhuoli, yet she could still feel Han Zhuoli's gaze on the top of her head. "Mr. Han, I'm really thankful that you like me. Really. I've never expected it. It's my honor to be liked by you, but I don't want to think about any of this right now."

Han Zhuoli narrowed his eyes and did not speak for quite a while.

Lu Man felt nervous and finally lifted her eyes to take a look. He was staring straight at her face with a solemn and serious look.

"Do you know what I'm thinking of doing the most right now?" Han Zhuoli asked suddenly.

Lu Man was confused. Han Zhuoli's jaw clenched tightly, and said coldly, "I'm thinking of killing those two b*stards Lu Qiyuan and He Zhengbai!"

Lu Man felt a sour taste in her throat, her eyes started welling up with tears.

Since her rebirth, Han Zhuoli was the person who had given her the greatest amount of warmth.

Every single time, he had appeared at crucial moments when she needed the most amount of help.

She had never been so protected by someone before in both her lives.

Han Zhuoli sighed. No matter how hard Lu Man had tried to push him away just now, he had refused to budge.

Yet now, he moved away on his own accord.

Lu Man stood there in a daze. She looked at him reaching out to help her buckle up her seatbelt, start the car and then drive off.

Meanwhile, Lu Man lowered her head and quietly kept sneaking glances at Han Zhuoli's profile.

What exactly did he mean by this?

Did he agree to what she had said and decided to give up on her?

Yet, from Han Zhuoli's cold and stoic profile, it was hard to tell anything.

Hence, Lu Man could not help but give up. This man, why couldn't he just exactly tell her what his decision was?

It felt like ever since the start; she had to guess and question all of his actions.

Afterwards, Lu Man lowered her head and played with her seatbelt all the way to the hospital, oblivious that Han Zhuoli had looked towards her again.


After a while, the car reached the hospital. Han Zhuoli parked the car in the hospital's carpark and alighted with Lu Man.

"Hang on," Han Zhuoli called.

Lu Man stopped curiously. She watched as Han Zhuoli went to the back of the car and opened the boot. He then took out bags of tonic and nutrition products.

"Let's go." Han Zhuoli walked over. He was carrying bags filled with all sorts of items in both hands. It greatly contrasted his straight-laced figure in his suit and dress shoes.

Looking at him, Lu Man felt a little like laughing, yet a warmth suddenly started filling her heart once again.

The two of them reached the hospital room together. Since Auntie Chai's discharge, no new patient had moved into the room. The bed next to Xia Qingwei's was always empty.

Therefore, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui could both rest inside the room.

When Lu Man and Han Zhuoli walked into the hospital room, they saw that Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui were both chatting with Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei's face was full of blood, one glance was all it took to tell that she was recovering very well.

Even when Lu Man was away for work, with Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui around, Xia Qingwei would not feel bored either.

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