Chapter 195: I Already Have a Girlfriend

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"Then that's your business too. He's someone you've associated with, don't force him on us only to disgust us." Old Mr. Han was nonchalant. "Dai Rongcheng still isn't someone that I would care about."

After clearly explaining their stance, the Old Mrs. Han would not even care about what Han Dongping would do in the future. She turned and spoke to Han Zhuoli, "You coming home today is a pleasant surprise."

Han Zhuoli, "..."

"Even though we don't like Dai Yiran, that still doesn't mean that you don't need to be anxious about finding a girlfriend." Suddenly, Old Mrs. Han heartlessly turned against him. "Just leave quickly, come back only when you find yourself a girlfriend."

Han Zhuoli, "..."

Old Mrs. Han sure turns against people faster than turning pages.

"I already have a girlfriend." Han Zhuoli was exceptionally proud. Having a girlfriend was surely something that boosted one's confidence. "So Uncle, in the future, you don't have to arrange to introduce any woman to me anymore."

Stunned, Old Mrs. Han could not react in time. "Really? You have a girlfriend? You're not teasing me, right?"

"Why would I tease you!" Han Zhuoli straightened his back, feeling extremely proud of himself. "I really have a girlfriend."

"What does that lady work as?" Old Mrs. Han leaned towards Han Zhuoli, "I'll say it first, she can't be a celebrity. If you just look at those celebrities, you will see that each one of them is very scheming, especially actresses. How would you even know whether they are being genuine or just acting? Let's not even talk about how messy their private lives are. I definitely don't want a scheming and devious granddaughter-in-law, like that Lu... Lu what?"

"Lu Qi?" Shen Nuo hinted from the side.

"No, though that Lu Qi isn't anything good either. It's her older sister, what's she called?" Old Mrs. Han just couldn't remember.

Shen Nuo couldn't remember clearly either. "I think it's Lu... Lu Man?

"Yes, yes, it's her. Look how their family matter has blown up into a big affair, so definitely Lu Man wouldn't be any kind and good soul either. While Lu Qi and her father are also not any better than her, but being able to retaliate in such a situation and setting trap for her father and younger sister, it's just that the girl is way too scheming. I don't like her." Old Mrs. Han shook her head disapprovingly, "I would like to have a grand-daughter-in-law like your mom, someone with a straightforward and direct personality."

While her words may sometimes almost choke someone to death, Shen Nuo usually targeted only Han Dongping and never the two elders, so Old Mrs. Han never really had an opinion about it.

Besides, although Shen Nuo may be harsh and ruthless with her words, she was still logical.

She would speak what was on her mind, her behavior and her personality were exactly the same, and she never hid anything. There was nothing to guess when being around Shen Nuo, it was not that tiring.

So, Old Mrs. Han definitely did not want a scheming and devious granddaughter-in-law.

"Uh," Han Zhuoli was just about to say who his girlfriend was but swallowed his words down with great difficulty. "Grandma, the media is not showing the full picture. Lu Man is now working in our company's Public relations department, I know her personally. While she might be a little crafty, she wouldn't harm anyone, it's all only for self-protection. Since her father is so unreliable, and worked together with her step-mother and step-sister to harm her, if she still didn't know how to protect herself, perhaps she would have already long been dead. Back then it was clearly Lu Qi who wanted to curry favor with Lu Hanli and hence had gone to sleep with him. Yet, in the end, she chickened out and ended up hurting him, but she framed Lu Man for it. Eventually, Lu Qi definitely was fine and didn't have to go to jail, but for the sake of Lu Qi's career, Lu Qiyuan went on to tarnish Lu Man's reputation and insisted that Lu Man serve an eight-year sentence. If Lu Man wasn't smart enough, she would have long been sent to jail."

"In a situation like this, you can't say that it's wrong for her to be scheming and crafty. It's just that in order to protect herself, she was forced to resort to such measures," Han Zhuoli said as he nudged Shen Nuo with his elbow. "Don't you agree too, Mom?"

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