Chapter 94: She's The Kind of Person Without Much Wisdom

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"After marrying her, you not only have to take care of Lu Man, you also will have to take care of her mother. Not to mention her dad who is always thinking of ways to harm Lu Man. Doesn't that mean you will always have to be on the lookout for trouble and defend against her dad? After marrying her, how can you pass your days without any worry?"

Auntie Chai knew that although what she said did not sound nice, it was the reality, "Don't mention marriage, even while dating her these things are enough to give you a headache. She hasn't even officially started working, and her dad already went to the company to make trouble, he will make her suffer a lot in the future. With Lu Man's situation, you can find it unfair and defend her, but you can't have her as a family member."

"Mom, enough, I just treat Lu Man as a normal employee under me, it's nothing like what you've said. You can say these stuff, but if Lu Man gets to know about it, it'll be very awkward! Even though in reality there's nothing between us, you're letting your imagination run wild." Wu Lize also hushed Auntie Chai as fortunately there was no one nearby right now, otherwise, if someone heard what she said, it would definitely reach Lu Man's ears.

"How am I letting my imagination run wild? I've known Lu Man far longer than you have, she's pretty and has many male friends. Previously there was a reporter, who looked like quite scheming, and yesterday there was another one, he was tall and handsome, and he even paid for Lu Man's mother's surgery fees." Although Wu Lize was working in the Han Corporation, and Han Zhuoli was famous and would often be in the media, he was unlike other celebrities who would continuously try to be featured in media so that people would recognize them anywhere.

Therefore, Auntie Chai still did not know yet that the one who came by yesterday was Wu Lize's big boss.

"Lu Man does have a hard life, but a girl with so many male friends, who would dare to have her?" Auntie Chai told Wu Lize in disagreement, "So, don't listen to everything your dad says. You can help her, but you definitely cannot make her a part of our family. I'll tell you first, my daughter-in-law must be an honest person and know her duties well without inviting trouble onto herself, so don't make trouble for our family. We're not some rich family, so we can't deal with that kind of suffering."

"Enough!" Wu Zhiguo suddenly pulled on Auntie Chai with force making Auntie Chai almost lose her balance.

"What are you doing!" Auntie Chai angrily turned towards him.. Seeing the Wu Zhiguo who was normally well-tempered with a face full of anger, she was stunned for a moment.

Afterward, she noticed that Wu Zhiguo was awkwardly looking at the side.

As Auntie Chai gaze followed his, her face instantly whitened, it instantly became so awkward for her that she did not know what to do.

She turned her head back to glance at the elevator, blaming it in her heart. Why was the elevator not here yet!

"Lu... Lu Man..." Auntie Chai awkwardly called, she was too embarrassed to even look at her.

She did not know how much of what she said had been heard by Lu Man.

She did not have much of a problem with Lu Man, really.

Lu Man cooked well, and normally when she boiled some nourishing soup for Xia Qingwei, she would prepare some for her as well.

So when Lu Man was not there, she was always willing to help Xia Qingwei around with a few things.

Moreover, when they were staying in the hospital together, she got along well with Lu Man and Xia Qingwei, they were quite good hospital mates, which was something rare.

However, Lu Man's family was worrisome.

"I... I really don't mean anything else," Auntie Chai's mouth tasted bitter.

In her heart, she started to blame Lu Man, why did she not make a single sound!

This person, how could she eavesdrop on others' conversations!

Auntie Chai felt extremely upset.

Even Wu Zhiguo did not know where to put his awkward hand, "Lu Man, your auntie is all bark but no bite, don't lower yourself to the same level as her. She's the kind of person without much wisdom."

Auntie Chai secretly pulled on Wu Zhiguo unhappily.

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