Chapter 109: Han Zhuoli Took The Grain of Rice That Had Been On Her Lip Earlier

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Lu Man was tense, her body stiff and she could only stay still. Moreover, right now she had the chance to interact freely with Han Zhuoli and to be very close to him, thus Lu Man could not control her own heart.

Thus she thought she might as well consider this as treating herself with a little dessert.

"Lu Man," after the long silence that almost suffocated Lu Man, she could hear Han Zhuoli's voice next to her ear.

"Ah?" Just as Lu Man turned her head, Han Zhuoli's finger touched her lips.

She could smell the mint scent on him and when slightly rough fingers brushed past her lips, her lips instantly went numb.

After that, as Han Zhuoli pull back his hand, she saw that there was a grain of rice on one of his fingertips.

"It was stuck to your lips," Han Zhuoli explained, his facial expression not changing.

Right after that, Lu Man watched with eyes wide as Han Zhuoli took the grain of rice that had been on her lip earlier, and put it into his own mouth.

Suddenly Lu Man's head had a "boom" sound leaving her stunned and stupefied.

If one could say what happened before was an accident, then what happened just now was not an accident at all !

Who would put a grain of rice that had been on her lips into their own mouth to eat!

This... This is him being a hooligan right!

"Young Master Han!" Lu Man's lips were trembling as she spoke.

The places that he touched were numb and hot.

"En?" Han Zhuoli was still pretending and had a puzzled expression on his face.

"..." Lu Man said stiffly, "This isn't appropriate alright?"

"What?" Han Zhuoli asked as if he did not understand what she was saying.


Continue acting!

"You..." Lu Man took a deep breath, "Young Master Han, do you really lack a grain of rice?"

Only then was Han Zhuoli enlightened, "It is shameful to waste food."

Lu Man was stupefied by his shamelessness!

Lu Man bit her teeth and decided to just ignore him, lowering her head to quickly eat her own rice. All she wanted right now was to finish eating and be done with this whole thing as soon as possible.

"That grain of rice was especially nice," Han Zhuoli suddenly said.

"Young Master Han, you—"

"What?" Han Zhuoli's expression was of confusion as if he truly could not comprehend what Lu Man wanted to say.

Right now, Lu Man really wanted to tell him to conduct himself with dignity. Earlier, she had really thought that Han Zhouli had changed for the better, yet now his actions were clearly of a hooligan, just like before!

"I've finished eating, I won't disturb CEO's mealtime anymore," Lu Man had not even finished her rice completely, half of it still left, and suddenly stood up.

"You've finished eating?" Han Zhuoli nodded, "Then let's begin."

Begin what?

Lu Man was stunned for a while, and later saw Han Zhuoli hand her a document, "Wu Lize has told you everything already, right?"

Lu Man felt like she could not even catch up to his tempo, and nodded woodenly, "Yes, Manager Wu told me that I will be in charge of Du Lin's publicity. It would be like my internship examination so I can directly skip the internship period."

Han Zhuoli nodded, "I heard Wu Lize say that you mentioned a plan during your interview, I find it not bad, do you have a detailed plan?"

Seeing that he had begun talking seriously about work, and not doing any more of the things that would cause people to misunderstand, Lu Man finally let out a breath of relief, "Yes, when I went for the interview that day, after I saw Du Lin's case, I felt that it was quite challenging. Whether the case is assigned to me or not, I wanted to try anyway, so I planned considering that if it were me, how I would do it. Even if the final plan is different from the one I have designed, it will be an enriching experience for me."

In the meantime, while Lu Man spoke, Han Zhuoli had especially taken Lu Man's leftover rice and started eating it with big mouths.

"Young Master Han, that's mine—" it was what she had left-over after eating, with Han Zhuoli eating it, was it not equivalent to him eating her saliva?

"You haven't finished eating yet?" Han Zhuoli asked as he ate.

"I've finished eating, but that's my—"

"It's shameful to waste food," Han Zhuoli had just finished eating the last bite and put the empty container down.

Lu Man: "..."

She had almost believed what he said.

The speed with which Han Zhuoli ate was as if he was scared someone would snatch the food away from him.

Yet even though he was eating so fast, taking huge bites, somehow the way he ate still looked quite good, very manly, but also very elegant at the same time.

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