Chapter 108: "Then Say It Once For Me To Hear?"

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"She was under the illusion that I was fine with her calling me that, but did you even hear me respond to her at all?" Han Zhuoli's rested his well toned and strong forearms on his separated long legs, and then he suddenly leaned over.

Even though they were separated by a coffee table, Lu Man was still so nervous that her heart skipped a beat.

Although Han Zhouli had just leaned across the table, Lu Man felt as if he was very close to her.

Han Zhouli's actions had left Lu Man's mind completed muddled. But now, that she slowly thought about what Han Zhouli said, it seemed like it Han Zhouli really did not respond to Dai Yiran at all.

"How about you call me and see if I respond to you?" Han Zhuoli suddenly lowered his voice.

Upon hearing Han Zhouli's slightly hoarse voice, which felt as if he was seducing her, Lu Man became a complete mess upon hearing his slightly hoarse seducing voice. The fine hair on Lu Man's arms stood up and she had goosebumps all over.

Her legs had completely gone weak and numb, this was the extent to which Han Zhouli's voice affected her.

Yet, compared to his voice, Han Zhouli's expression was very serious.

If it were not for that, Lu Man would have thought he was taking liberties with her.

Although Lu Man opened her mouth, she could find her voice only after a long time, "We're in the company, so isn't it inappropriate?"

"In public, you can still call me CEO, there's no problem," Han Zhuoli said. Actually, he had a much bigger wish that Lu Man would call him Big Brother Han in public, but he knew that Lu Man would never do that, "In private, we don't need to be so distant alright?"

However, since Han Zhouli requested her to call him 'Big Brother' in private and not public, Lu Man could only nod and agree, "Alright."

Seeing that Lu Man agreed with him, Han Zhuoli's eyes warmed up even more and his smile deepened, "Then say it once for me to hear?"

Although Lu Man opened her mouth and really want to call him that, it was too difficult for her to actually say those words.

Her tongue seemed to be knotted, and no matter how she tried, she could not say it out.

Luckily, at that moment, Zheng Tianming suddenly knocked on the door and entered, "CEO, lunch has been delivered over already."

Displeased, Han Zhuoli gritted his teeth, Zheng Tianming could have come at any other time, yet he just had to come in right now and mess with his plans!

"Send it in," Han Zhuoli said with a black face.

Zheng Tianming, "..."

Did he do something wrong?

Why was the CEO angry again?

Why was it that today was so rough, he kept doing the wrong things?

Zheng Tianming was about to cry already.

Hence, Zheng Tianming quickly set up the takeaway on the table, and immediately left the room, he did not dare to stay at all to be the third wheel and anger Han Zhouli.

"I'll go wash my hand," Lu Man let out a breath in relief and quickly stood up.

Since the atmosphere just now had, for some uncontrollable reason, become quite ambiguous, she had to go out to calm herself down.

But who knew that at that exact moment Han Zhuoli would say, "There's a washroom in the office, it's over there."

Lu Man: "..."

Lu Man hurriedly went to the toilet as she was too embarrassed to dally for too long and delay Han Zhuoli's lunch.

When she came back, Han Zhuoli went to wash his hands as well.

Yet who would have thought, when Han Zhuoli came back out, he did not sit where he was originally sitting and rather sat beside Lu Man.

Lu Man: "..."

Moreover, she could not purposely change her seat and she did not feel at ease sitting so close to Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli took a pair of chopsticks and passed it to her. Although Lu Man tried her best to avoid his hands, yet somehow, when Han Zhuoli was pulling his hands away, her fingertips still touched Han Zhuoli's fingers.

Suddenly, Lu Man shivered and hurriedly pressed hard on her chopsticks, not daring to look at him.

Therefore, she did not see that Han Zhuoli was caressing the fingers that had touched her.

Although they had touched each other just for a moment, Han Zhouli had experienced an electric current flow through his fingers and could not help but tremble a little.

As for Lu Man, she was so nervous right now that she could only bury her head and eat.

Hence, she did not see that Han Zhuoli spread his legs wide without a trace until they touched her legs.

Suddenly, Lu Man stiffened and used her split vision to secretly look at him and Han Zhuoli seemed to not have noticed that.

She could only stealthily move her legs away, but not long after, Han Zhuoli's legs were again pressed next to hers.

Their interaction was faintly discernible, yet she could still feel the warmth even though they were separated by pants.

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