Chapter 182: It Is A Pity If You Don't Enter The Entertainment Circle

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"She has not treated me as her dad for a long time, this unfilial thing!" Lu Qiyuan frowned, "However, right now what I'm pondering about is her relation with Han Zhuoli."

"What kind of relationship could they have," Xia Qingyang had always looked down on Lu Man, "She is already seducing Du Lin, how could Han Zhuoli like her? From what I can see, Han Zhuoli is quite a busybody, and Lu Man likes to act, who knows how much she badmouths us at work. It's very likely that he helps her only because she's an employee at his company.

"But Older sister really has some skills, she joined Han Corporation just a few days ago but she can already attend the Nan Yin Charity night. Unlike us, we —" Lu Qi lowered her eyes in sadness.

"What ability, all she has are schemes," Xia Qingyang pursed her lips, "Otherwise, which company would give this kind of opportunity to a newcomer? Qiyuan, would your company do this?"

"Of course not, newcomers still need to learn a lot, this is unfair to the senior workers," the more Lu Qiyuan thought of it, the angrier he got. "She totally embarrassed me!"

"It's just that we don't know what she does at the company?" Xia Qingyang rolled her eyes, "Qiyuan, do you have any way of finding out about it from Lu Man's colleagues?"

Lu Qiyuan's eyes flashed, "I'll have people go and ask around."


At the Charity banquet

Although Du Lin's seating arrangement was affected due to his scandal, he still had the opportunity to participate in the celebrity group photo shoot that would be held at the end of the banquet.

Lu Man lowered her voice and said, "I didn't have time to tell you just now, but in a while, when you go for the photo shoot, don't make your way to the center."

Right now, Du Lin probably needed to stand in the back few rows, and even if it was at the back few rows, he should not stand at the C position 1 .

Every year at the charity night, there would be a fight for the C position, but it mostly occurred between the female celebrities.

Some pretended to be dumb and blur, some were calculative, while some directly fought for it, and the whole scene was really ugly.

"Why? Right now my exposure is not enough, if I don't steal a center position during the photo shoot, no one will notice me. Even though the fighting for a C position is not good news, it still is news, and perhaps it can even make its way onto the trending searches," Du Lin asked a question.

"Popularity due to fights don't mean anything," Lu Man shook her head, "I have noticed that every year during the celebrity group photo shoot, too many people fight for a position and in the end there is always someone who does not manage to get a position and gets squeezed out by the people. At that moment, you don't need to rush to secure a position, instead, you have to find and protect a female celebrity who is normally well-liked by the public and doesn't fight for news. At that time I'll take a photo from off-stage, and when I'm done, I'll post it online. Instead of trending due to bad behavior, this kind of good guy image will have a positive effect and improve the public's perception of you, they will slowly start liking you. What we need to do now is not make the netizens dislike you more, but rather slowly remove the effects of your scandal."

"Understood, I'll listen to you," Du Lin nodded his head comfortably, "Sister-in-law, it is a pity if you don't enter the entertainment circle."

"It's fine, I'm okay with coming up with plans backstage, but if it really came to onstage work, I'm definitely not as good as you," Lu Man shook her head and smiled.

When the time came for the mass celebrity photo shoot, Du Lin assured Lu Man before leaving, "Don't worry."

The female celebrity Du Lin found was really not bad. She was a female celebrity who was well known in the entertainment circle for her high EQ as at least in public she had never fought for anything with other people.

As expected the female celebrity made way for the senior celebrities and in the end, got squeezed out by people such that she could not even enter her position, so Du Lin protected her a bit, and let her go in first.

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